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Sep 25, 2006 12:39 AM

classic special occassion/romantic restaurants of nyc

my boyfriend and i won some money in a football pool and would like to put it toward a special dinner. we dine out frequently and go to nice restaurants pretty often so we'd like this meal to be somewhere truly special that we wouldn't go to on a whim. here are what we've been thinking so far. any thoughts on these restaurants are much appreciated! thanks!

-per se (not sure what the wait is like for a res)
-four seasons
-del posto
-jean georges

i've/we've been to le bernardin, chanterelle, gotham, union square cafe and gramercy tavern, so we're not considering these otherwise great places.

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  1. I recommend Aureole, Bouley, Danube and Eleven Madison Park for a wonderful celebration dinner. Per Se is fabulous, but you do need to reserve 2 months in advance (and it will be at least twice as expensive as the other restaurants).

    1. Maybe try the new place at 4 Seasons Hotel: Joel Robuchon. Otherwise I vote for JG.