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Sep 25, 2006 12:30 AM

best lunch near sacre coeur/paris

looking for great food, near sacred heart church paris, walking distance for lunch..$$$ no object pls..thanks

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  1. how perfect!

    just got back from staying in montmartre for a couple days in paris and at the end of our street was a smattering of restaurants and we plopped ourself down at a couple. the clear winner that will have me back the next time i'm on that side of the ocean is called bovak. it's on east side of sacre coeur at mid level at the bottom of a rue paul albert.

    my sister had a a pile of mussels with great frites in a lovely but traditional white wine sauce for about 11 euros. they were small but very tasty compared to what we just had in bruges. i myself had goose breast over a beautiful mess of fruity olive oiled fresh linguini with a vegetable ragout on the side for about 15 euros.

    dessert was a decadent molten chocolate cake with homemade butterscotch caramel that had this perfect hint of burnt sugar and flecks of vanilla bean seeds. i have photos somewhere..... unfortunately not online right now. this cost 7 euros.

    menu seems to change daily by a bit and it was just a wonderful neighbourhood place. the owner recognized us and said hello the next day we passed by for sightseeing.

    1. That sounds extremely interesting. Thank you for the tip. I imagine it's probably the Rue Paul Bert, not Albert. Paul Bert was a 19th-century scientist and politician who voted in favor of free, mandatory, and secular education, which was a hot issue here back in those days. There are streets named for him all over France. True, the Rue Paul Bert is on the eastern slopes of Montmartre. Will check out Bovak.

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        Just got back from Bovak. Very nice people, nice location, food mediocre. Poulet Bovak was dryyyyyy. The chef was hanging out in the bistro wearing the filthiest apron I've seen in a while. And it is, in fact, Rue Paul Albert.

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          perhaps i was over eagre after returning from bruges. my apologies that it was only mediocre.

          1. re: pinstripeprincess

            No worries! Looking back on my post I think I came off as negative-- Bovak was a lovely place to land in Paris, excepting the food not being great, the experience was lovely and distinct. It's tough in this neighborhood, so touristy, and it being August as well. So thanks!

        1. If $$$ is no problem I would suggest Beauvillier on rue Lamarck or Cottage Marcadet on rue Marcadet, both down hill and north of Sacre Coeur; in the same general area but less $$$ is Le Maquis on Caulancourt.

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            My vote would also be for Le Maquis; the only non-touristy bistrot. Popular with locals, you must reserve.

          2. La Mascotte for divine seafood platters.