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what should I do with arugula?

I have 1/2 a bag that I bought, to hold me over until i can eat spinach again. Any suggestions? I've heard you can make a pesto with it, but I have a full container of fresh south-philly pesto in my fridge.

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  1. I bought a big bag at the farmer's market yesterday and plan pn making a salid with boiled farm eggs, big tomato slices and a balsamic and spanish olive oil dressing. dont crowd the arugula. It stands on its own two feet very nicely

    1. Arugala has a great peppery taste...

      Toss the arugula with a bit of walnut oil.
      Drizzle with fresh lime juice.
      Sprinkle with Fluer de Sel.
      Add a poached egg on top, if you wish with a bit of freshly ground pepper.

      1. Arugula, pears, walnuts, gorgonzola and a balsamic vinegar reduction - heavenly!

        1. Cook up some pasta, saute some garlic in olive oil, add the arugula until it just wilts, then add it to the pasta. A little salt & pepper and you're good to go!

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            don't forget the parmesan shavings....yummy!

          2. Focaccia with prosciutto, ARUGULA and goat cheese, drizzled with extra virgin or truffle oil.

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              my favorite antipasto by far on a recent trip to Italy was similar. Not on focaccia, but on a plate: bresaola, arugula, shaved parmesan, pine nuts, drizzled with olive oil. Perfect balance of flavors and textures.

            2. My ex taught me this: Boil some plain or spinach ravioli. While waiting for the ravioli, gently fry some arugula in a little butter just until it collapses. Heat up some beef broth. Add ravioli to broth and garnish with arugula. It's very comforting.

              1. Add on a homemade pizza at the last minute of baking. Delicious

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                  Yep, and THEN drizzle it with truffle oil and parmesan shavings!


                2. Make a pesto out of it, adding some garlic, lemon, salt and pepper, parmesan cheese. Eat on pasta of choice.

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                    Just as a caveat - I've done that once and found it bitter, but obviously others may enjoy it.

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                      True. Bitter can be a drawback. I find that good extra virgin olive oil really mellows the sharpness of the arugula (I forgot to mention that in my post!).

                  2. Chop it up and add to soups, any pasta sauce, every salad. Stand at the refrigerator and eat it raw while you remember what you opened the refrigerator door to get.

                    1. I love this in the Zuni roast chicken with bread salad recipe. It is wonderful dressed in vinaigrette and wilted from the heat of the chicken.

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                        Yes! Also the Nigella lawson watermelon/feta/olive/arugula recipe is great...if you can still find a decent watermelon.

                      2. Get a 1/4 pound of prosciutto, add to arugula, along with some parmesan that you hit with a vegetable peeler to get some nice long, thin slices. Top w/good olive oil and pepper.

                        1. I rinse it well, dry it and put it on a grilled chicken sandwich!! YUMMMMM of course with my Jersey tomatoes!

                          1. I love to use arugula as the L in BLT sandwiches.

                            Most of the time I just use it as a basic salad green, or on grilled pizza with prosciutto.

                            1. Along with lots of other stuff, I bought some arugula on Saturday at the SF Ferry Plaza farmer's market. On the way home I was stopped dead in my tracks by twirling racks of pork at the Roli Roti Rotisserie. I bought two bones, went home and immediately made sandwiches. Toasted pugliese, a little goat cheese, thinly sliced pork, arugula and frog hollow apricot preserves. Holy crap those were good sandwiches...

                              1. this is too weird. i was JUST about to post this question...