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Great salads in Park Slope

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So, where can I find hearty salads in - or around - the slope? A lovely grilled chicken ceaser or cobb? I'm new to the area and would love a few tips.

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  1. I really enjoy the salads at Press 451 on 5th Ave. They have great ingredients and use really interesting and delicious dressings. You can also add additional items to make them more substantial if thats what you are looking for.

    1. I agree about the good salads (and sandwiches)--but I believe it's press 195 (195 5th Avenue).

      1. my fave salads in slope and environs, and i am an admitted salad-freak:

        (not necessarily in this order)
        -- the niciose at belleville. i think it's only available for brunch/lunch

        -- the moroccan-spiced salmon salad at Beast

        -- the roasted beet and goat cheese at Tavern on Dean

        -- another Belleville salad that is served at dinner and has some crumbly bacon on it.

        -- the octopus salads at stone park and downtown atlantic. downtown atlantic also has an excellent roasted beet salad.

        1. The goat cheese salad at Colson's on 6th Ave/9th St is AWESOME. It's $9.50 and comes with three large breaded/fried goat cheese discs and a basket of their yummy breads.

          1. all excellent suggestions. i'm sure to try them all out. thanks!

            1. goats cheese, avocado, grilled portebeloo & mesculin at 200 Fifth (name and address are the same) off of Union

              They also make a hot spinach & bacon salad which is quite good but of course no one is eating or serving spinach right now

              and there is a new one at brunch with lardons of bacon which was yummy too. Their caeasar is pretty good but too anchovyish for my taste.

              We also love the salads at press 151 across the street from 200 Fifth. Especially the one with roasted beets (which I started doing in my own salads) - they have a delicious maple vinaigrette.

              1. Fifth Avenue restaurant diner on 8th street. They have all types of salads with nuts fruits different greens. Way different from any salads I have seen.