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Anything NEW & noteworthy in Columbus, OH??

I have a few Columbus trips coming up. I get there often, and have a few favorite places I go to (Burgandy Room, Alana's, G. Michael, L'Antibes), but I'm wondering if anything new has openened in the last year or so that I should try to get to. I generally stay downtown or near OSU, so wouldn't tend to get out to Worthington/Dublin or Easton area unless it was really something incredible. Not tied to elegance, but pretty committed to quality/value, and a fun atmosphere doesn't hurt either.

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  1. I like Rossi Bar in the Short North - really nice atmosphere and upscale bar food. Here's more info:

    1. The Rossi would be my suggestion as well. It has been open a little more than a year. Try the lamb appetizer.

      Have you been to Basi Italia on Highland near Goodale Park?

      Eddie George opened a sports bar on High Street in the south campus area, but I haven't tried the food.

      1. I forgot to mention Z Cucina in Grandview Heights. It's owned by the people of Pastaria in the North Market and has great pasta entrees and some good meat and fish specials. It's very trendy but the food is imaginative and tasty, much like Burgundy Room. I have never had a bad meal there. It's definitely worth checking out:

        1. Barcelona in German Village has great food and a beautiful patio if it's still warm outside. Don't know what your price range is, but Abbracio in Short North has yummy steak, kinda expensive. The Columbus Brewing Company, a Cameron Mitchell restaurant, is in the Brewery district and has good food from burgers to chicken to steak. Of course, The Clarmont, in German Village, is the ne plus ultra of Columbus dining for 50 years. The Columbus Dispatch just put out its 2006 Dining Guide, I am sure you can download from their web site. Check out Pistachio in the Short North for dessert, truly a work of art.

          1. not new, but i had lunch at my old fav TRATTORIA ROMA in grandview this summer and really enjoyed it. you might try that one if you want italian:


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              I had dinner at Trattoria Roma a few years ago and loved it. I had a salad of chopped belgian endive and radicchio that has become one of my standard salads at home. Thanks for reminding me about TR, since Grandview is not exactly on my normal path.

            2. Thom's on Grandview opened this year (where Braddock's used to be). It's run by the same person as the Clarmont but with a little more innovative cuisine.

              1. I had an outstanding late dinner at Cafe Shish Kebab on Monday night. This place is on Bethel Road in the Beth Center strip mall (corner of Bethel and Godown). Atmosphere was bustling and jovial. Because it was after dark, the place was packed with people breaking the Ramadan fast.

                The warm, squishy bread served with oil was great, and so was the lamb casserole. The casserole was basically hunks of lamb, peppers, onions, and spices baked together and served with rice on the side. Fresh and full of flavor.

                1. Thanks to all for your recommendations. I had my first of 3 dinners at my old standby, The Burgandy Room, since I arrived in Columbus after 10pm, and choices are rather limited at that hour. The next night was Basi Italia. Besides having wonderful food, the place is just adorable. One of us had roast chicken, one had a great rigatoni with spicy sausage and golden raisins. Sounds odd but it was excellent. The third had pumpkin ravioli with a sage cream sauce. Extremely rich but delicious. The next night 2 of us went to Rossi. Fun atmosphere, and very crowded at 9pm on Wednesday night. We split a grilled ham, brie and fried egg sandwich, which was tasty but very salty. We also split a pork chop on polenta. The pork chop was fantastic, but the polenta was too salty. (I don't normally notice salty food, but 2 dishes were excessively salty.). I would definitely return to Basi Italia and Rossi. Thanks, fellow hounds!

                  1. I second Basi Italia. It's been open for about 2 years now, but it's a hidden gem. Tiny little dining room (so make reservations). Cozy, not stuff. And the food is simply outstanding. the grilled endive and pear with gorgonzola and pistachio! yum! and the rigatoni salumerie with
                    tomato, sausage, raisins, pine nuts & fennel...oh my!!!

                    also, if you haven't been to jeni's icecream in the northmarket and in grandview...you MUST go!!!