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Vietnamese or Eithopian in Westchester??

I'm on a mission to find a good (or even just a decent) Vietnamese restaurant or an Eithopian restaurant in Westchester. I can find this stuff in Queens or Manhattan, but having no luck for Westchester or nearby surrounding counties.. Does anyone have some suggstions of where to bring a group of 15-25 people?? I'm the organizer of a dining club, and we like to explore different ethnic cultures through food.

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  1. I don't think there is either in Westchester unfortunately.

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        Sadly, no pho in these burbs! But please join the People's Campaign to Bring a Vietnamese Restaurant to Westchester! Together we will walk into the golden sunshine of a bright bowl of pho ga.

        And, to my knowledge, like the Vietnamese restaurant, you're more likely to find an East African joint in Maine than Westchester.


        But, I believe there is Vietnamese in Danbury and Poughkeepsie (but why not head to NYC then, right). If you want great non-Euro and U.S.American, the best in Westchester will be Port Chester, which has many great South American places and there are some in New Rochelle too.

        In Greenwich there is an Asian fusion place called Nuage - which folks like and there may even be a Southeast Asian dish or two on the menu.

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          yeah, the closest you can get to vietnamese is a few dishes in some fusion places in Greenwich and Stamford, in Fairfield county. Not worth the trek from Westchester. Better off heading back dowh to queens for that.

          Ethiopian is even harder to come by...

      2. Nope, neither available in WC.

        1. Hmmmm guess I'll have to make the trek into the city for both.. but its sometimes difficult to get westchesterites to even go to Manhattan, never mind Queens or Brooklyn!! (can you even imagine this???) And I just went to Flushing for lunch yesterday.. had some amazingly sweet and savory crispy fried chicken with onions, scallions, red pepper and garlic!! yummmm Next door is a Malaysian/Thai place that I've gotta try!

          Any suggestions for a Vietnamese place in Manhattan that can fit a 15-20 size group?


          oh well.. so then my question is.. which place would you suggest for Eithopian?? I've had great stuff in DC, but thats too far.. and I've gone to Awash on the UWS, but its small, and somewhat dingy... where else is good in Manhattan for Eithopian??

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            I too lament the fact that there is no Pho to be had in Westchester. My favorite Vietnamese place in the city is way downtown on Centre St not far from the courthouse. You could definitely fit a large group there and it wouldn't cost more than $20/person at most including drinks. The manager Leslie is an awesome guy... hmmm... maybe I should try to talk him into opening a Westchester place! Caveat though, haven't been there in a year or so, so things may have changed a bit.

          2. You should search and post of the Manhattan board since Ethiopian food is discussed there often. I think Meskerem (47th st) and Queen of Sheba are best. I think Meskerem has a private back room. Ghenet is too Americanized and noisy.

            1. Does Spring Asian in Mt. Vernon/Fleetwood serve Vietnamese?

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                No, they are mostly Japanese, Chinese, and Thai, with some Malaysian. They do have one supposedly Vietnamese dish on the menu, Vietnamese pork chop. Their chefs are Thai, Taiwanese, Malaysian, and Burmese

              2. I haven't been there so I cannot specifically recommend it, but there is a Vietnamese restaurant in Rockland County called The Vietnam. It has been on my list of places to try for a while but I haven't made it yet. I also have no idea how large the place is and whether or not it can accommodate a larger party.

                Here is their website: http://thevietnam1.com/ It isn't much, but they do have a copy of their menu.

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                  Looks like a good solid Vietnamese menu. The prices are right too. Only a few Chinese style dishes (which one must excuse for the first Vietnamese out in Rockland). Thanks. Can't wait to try it and get them to come over the Tappanzee!


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                    Did anyone try The Vietnam yet? My sister and I drove by to check it out but it's in such a dodgy area we didn't feel like stopping. If we know the food is good, we'll go back and risk it.

                2. While I know that this should be posted on the Manhattan board, I want to give a conclusion to my search for a good Vietnamese palce that can handle a group of 10 or more. Well, I ended up bringing about 16 people to Saigon Grille on the upper west side of Manhattan (90th and Amsterdam)- boy what a treat!! This place is packed, and while we did have a reservation, we had to wait at least 30 minutes to get seated.. luckily they have a bar so we sat and had really good, (and cheap!) drinks - (martinis for $6 in manhattan can you imagine that!)

                  I had spicy grilled shrimp and a salad as a starter, and then went on to a grilled salmon with ginger and tamarind sauce.. with a side of mixed vietnamese veggies and brown rice.. yum!! Other folks had a selection of the noodle dishes, or bbq'd eel, or curry with shrimp... there were so many choices, this place begs to be visited again and again.. reasonable prices, excellent quick service, and easy access from westchester.

                  I'll have to check out the vietnamese place in Rockland.. has anyone gone yet??

                  1. I actually find Saigon Grill to be quite overrated (too sweet for me/tastes off somehow) and not in the same league as better Vietnamese places in Chinatown (like Nha Trang, New Pasteur, et al). But a lot of people still like it and yes it is further uptown i.e. closer to Westchester, and the service is fast.