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Sep 24, 2006 10:44 PM

Assistance Please


My husband and I make an annual October trip to DC for fat crabs, blues, museums and dining.

This year I have chosen Bistro Bis and Citronelle for our two special dinners.

I chose Bistro Bis over other French places for the menu and also for their cheese service.

I chose Citronelle since it is a classic DC fine dining spot to which we've never been.

The Citronelle choice was a hard one. I was also considering CityZen and Palena for that night. CityZen has been so intriguing to me since last year though we skipped it on last years trip. It seems though from all that I have read on here and other boards, Cityzen doesn't always live up to the mark. Any input to help decide between tthe three? I looked at Palena's website and didn't find a current meenu rather one from severl years ago. That didn't help me opt for them though I will call and ask for current menu to be emailed to me, hopefully they will do that.

Also, I need help with choosing a place for crabs. We usually go to Cantler's in Annapolis but I would like to try some place different this year. Most importantly for a crap place is that they ONLY serve local crabs during the season. Good crab soup is a nice bonus.

Finally, how about asian? Specifically Thai and Vietnemese. I think we will hit Four Sisters based on some posts I've seen here. Any other shouldn't miss spots for Vietnamese? How is Neisha Thai? Any other thai places?

Thanks so much for any help you have to give. I would love tto return the favor if any of you get to Cleveland!

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  1. Thai: Bangkok 54 or Thai Square - get to Columbia Pike in Arlington east of Glebe and you can take your pick.

    Vietnamese. 4 Sisters is good, nothing wrong. If you want more "authentic" then search the board for Eden Center for what you want. I'll still stand by Nam Viet, especially the Clarendon location, for vietnamese.

    I now only do one crab feast a year, at best, but I'm still in love with Clarke's Landing near Patuxent. This is a two hour drive, so it may not be for you. You have about 5 choices within the direct metro area for regular crabs. Maybe specifiy your level of intent on this and everyone can help more.

    btw, I love Cleveland. I know it's grown a lot since I was there a decade or more ago. Welcome to this corner.

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      Thanks for the suggestions re. Vietnamese.

      Our level of intent for crabs is 100%. We make this annual trip fall in October so we can indulge in nicce fat local crabs. Cantler's lways workks but after seeveeral years of dining there, I'm ready to try a different place.

    2. For Vietnamese you will either want to go to Nam Viet, or I can think of a number of places in Eden Center that I prefer to Four Sisters. The best Thai in the area is at Ruan Thai in Silver Spring, MD or Thai Square on the Virginia side. Please search for specific recs. I would also go to Bangkok 54 before I go to Neisha Thai, though Neisha Thai is not a bad choice by any means.

      1. Agree with Steve on Thai places. As to Vietnamese, I have always preferred Huong Viet which is about 8 storefronts down from Four Sisters in the Eden Center. Full of Vietnamese families. Cash only.

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          The sweet and sour seafood soup (talk about alliteration) is magnificent at Huong Viet. I think it's on the last page of the menu.

          1. re: Steve

            Thanks John and Steve. Huong Viet or Nam Viet it will be!

        2. I went to Citronelle with my family many years ago but still remember the enjoyable meal and excellent service. This might not help you since my experience was so long ago but if it reassures you any, my experience was memorable enough that I have been wanting to go back there again ever since (just haven't had a chance since I no longer live around the area).