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kosher poptarts

A lot of people i know say they love poptarts, but it has gelatin! Can you guys please tell me if there are kosher poptarts thanmks!!

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    1. The Toaster Pastries from Nature's Path are still around, plus now Kellogg's has introduced "Go-Tarts" which have a hashgacha on them (KD...all Kellogg's stuff is under the Vaad of Massachusetts / Rabbinical Council of New England). They're like a Pop Tart bar, not bad :)

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        Many Kellogg's products are under the KVH, however for Kellogg's (as opposed to everything else) the KVH does not put their symbol on the product and just uses a K or KD (dairy). I know of people who were able to get answers from the KVH as to which products they supervise.

      2. I have had both the Tradition and Nature's Path brand. They are not as good as the non-kosher Poptarts, which I had many years ago as a child before becoming kosher. Those were great. I wish the taste of the kosher "poptarts" could be better replicated.

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          Hey its me. I looked on the tradition website, it only showed soups, pizza crusts and sauce, ravioli, and spaghetti. I didnt see like toaster pastries. Please respond back.

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            they must have them because i am pretty sure i have ahd them before as well. obviously they werent that great because i cant really remmeber them.

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              Tradition chicken soup used to be good, but a few years ago they changed the recipe, and they're not much good now. So if they had a good thing and mucked it up, I wouldn't bother with something they never got right in the first place.

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                So tell Tradition Foods that you feel the new stuff is dreck, and maybe they'll change it. I know the owner, and he seems interested in producing quality product.

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                  It's been nearly 3.5 years since this post you replied to was made, ganeden. Just saying that maybe this is no longer an issue.

                  However, if you know the owner, please tell him that the noodles are too long and that he should cut them before packaging them. I hate having noodles burning my chin!

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                    Well, tell him that the chicken soup with the old recipe, from when the styrofoam cups were wrapped in plastic, was much better than the new one. Since Tradition changed the recipe, I've switched to using Gefen soups.

          2. Tradition soup was never chicken - it was chicken flavored, but always pareve.

            1. If you yearn for the real thing, write a letter to Kellogg's. The unfrosted Pop Tarts do not contain gelatin and therefore, theoretically, could become supervised kosher. Tradition Tarts (extinct) and Nature's Tarts were/are not proper substitutes.

              1. If Kellogg's does not contain gelatin, I would eat it even sans hechsher.

                1. No offense to those posting, but I've had real Pop Tarts and they're dreck.

                  1. I have read that they are made with beef gelatin which makes them kosher

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                      While products made with kosher-slaughtered beef could be kosher, they would be meat. Therefore, if they contain dairy (which I imagine pop-tarts do), they would not be kosher. Most kosher gelatin products are fish-derived.

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                        Actually, there is newly available (to the retail customer; it was available to the trade for a while already) Kolatin brand gelatin which clearly states on the packaging that it is "bovine gelatin," yet it is labeled OU-parve.

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                          Kosher gelatin is indeed pareve. As to Pop Tarts, I had about 30 signatures to my online Make Pop Tarts Kosher petition.....

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                          Beef gelatin is parve. But it has to be made from KOSHER beef, not just any beef.

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                            Can you enlighten me how "Beef" gelatin can be parve?

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                                Fish skins, hides, bones - yuck! Well I asked for it. I was better off not being enlightened. Thanks anyway.

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                                  If you like hot dogs and sausages, don't probe any further there either.

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                                    I do like hot dogs. I now see the virtue of the expression of "ignorance is bliss".

                                    I will not probe any further. I will keep in mind the Hebrew National ad "We answer to an even higher authority" and leave it at that.

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                          Beef gelatin is no more kosher than pork gelatin, unless the beef it's made from is kosher.