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Sep 24, 2006 09:42 PM

green peppercorns in brine from Indonesia . . . suggestions?

They are lovely - whole green peppercorns on the branch, in a bottle of brine.
Today I rinsed off a branch, picked the berries, mortar and pestled them with garlic and soy sauce, and add them to the ginger and garlic stirfry I made for lunch with tofu and cress.
They added a lovely tingle and a peppery burn that kicked up the sambal olek I also used in the fry.

But that's me winging it -- what are these things really for?
They aren't listed in any of my cookbooks...

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  1. Do a google search on green peppercorns and you'll find lots of uses. I've used them as part of a marinade for roast leg of lamb, in sauces served with many meats and my favorite, easy use is just lightly crushed and pressed into the sides of pork chops, pan fried in butter/oil to rare or medium-rare.

    1. Steak au Poivre (sp). I could drink a pint glass full of the Brandy Green Peppercorn sauce.

        1. Have you ever used BRINED peppercorns for au poivre and other French meat applications?

          These are from Thailand, btw. Thanks cherylh for reminding me to Google - never thought I'd forget to do THAT.

          this is what they look like