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Sep 24, 2006 09:39 PM

Restaurant supply store

Can you please recommend a specific (by name) restaurant supply store on the Bowery?
I know there are a bunch of them, but is one better(selection or price)than another? I believe the one that I used to go to (on the northwest corner of the Bowery and Houston?)is no longer there.
So, any suggestions?

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  1. Its still there. It was never Houston, but Delancey and Bowery.

    1. There was, indeed, a restaurant supply store on Lafayette and Houston, which I thought was still open the last time I passed by a few weeks ago. However, one that is definitely open is Bowery Restaurant Supply on Bowery just south of Delancey. There's probably 8-9 others of varying quality.

      1. There's a good restaurant supply store on Division Street called Sunrise Kitchen Supplies at 41 Division. It's smaller than the ones on the Bowery but they are well-stocked, clean, inexpensive and has better service than most Bowery places.

        1. The big restaurant supply store that was on the westside of Bowery below Houston did close. They owned the building and were offered 30 million for it so they took the money and ran, at least that's the story I heard.

          1. are we talking about chef? i think it's always good to comparasin shop and check them all out, but chef has been a favorite of mine...