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Sep 24, 2006 08:56 PM

Pork shoulder on sale again

I've started seeing large chunks of pork shoulder on sale again and remembered all the droolworthy posts about slow cooked shoulder from a few months ago. Anyone care to refresh my memory about this? Season well, put in pan, bake at 250o for 8 hours? Covered? Uncovered? What next? Thanks!

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Thanks - I didn't find all the previous posts when I searched. I guess I searched wrong.

    2. Thanks to your post, and the links provided, there's a 4/12 pounder roasting in the oven now. I used high heat for a short bit, now it's on low and will cook for a long time. This house smells so good that I think I must change my plans for the day. There's no way I can stay here without eating all day long, my mouth is already watering. Seriously. It'd all be wasted calories because I'd never be satisfied. Nothing here will taste as good as that smells.

      Can't wait for supper tonight. Thank you!

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      1. re: ellaj

        Yeah, well it figures. As soon as I decided that I was going to pick one of those suckers up, I went back to the store and they were out of them. Now I'll have to wait for the next sale. Rats.

        1. re: Nyleve

          It was so delicious that day that I did it again this weekend. Used lots of fennel seed, garlic, sage. Cooked it at 450 for 45 min, then 250 all day. The meat was moist and delicious and just fell off the bone. WIll be doing this one often. Hope it goes on sale at your store soon!

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Go to your Video store and rent the DVD for "Once Upon A Time In Mexico" (Antonio Banderas/ Johnnie Depp).
          Pass on the movie, or just watch the scenes with Johnny Depp in them as the rest is crap. In the Special Features section is a tasty morsel titled "10 Minute Cooking School" In it, Robert Rodrigues shows you how to make the Cochinita (Puerco) Pibil that was so good it caused Agent Sands to kill the Chef. It involves tequila, banana leaves and some great technique.
          I cannot recommend a better recipe that doesn't involve a smoke pit BBQ (actually I frequently cook this in my smoker, sealed tight in foil, as the gentle heat is perfect for this dish).
          Mr Rodrigues goes on to promise a "10 minute Fucking School" on a later DVD but I haven't found that one yet.

          1. That recipe looks so good, thank you! Next time I have my ravenous clan over, guess what they will be enjoying?