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Diamond Bakery ...

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My uncle brought the baked goods to our holiday meal last night.

He went to Diamond Bakery for challah, raisin challah, lemon cake, honey cake and some other cake with almonds, sort of a pastry cake, not sure what it was called.

The challah was excellent. The lemon cake a little too sweet for me, but really very good overall.

The problem though, was that it took him an hour and a half to get his goods.

Mind you, he had pre-ordered everything. He didn't just walk in off the street. And they didn't lose his order, they had it. They just didn't bake it and put it aside for him. And the same was true for the dozens of people waiting around in the store with him.

No explanation was given, not really. The most he and the rest could suss out was that Diamond's takes the orders, but doesn't really worry about who has come to pick up what. If someone off the street comes in to buy a lemon cake and a challah, they get it first. And those who pre-ordered wait around until more bread and cake is baked.

Or something like that ...

The discussion at the table during dessert (I could only listen, I've no expertise on where to buy bread) quoted the many yentahs in my parent's and uncle's social circle and -- it was concluded -- that the shoddy service is worth it because of the quality. And that Diamond's knows is and that's why they don't worry about how the customers feel about waiting around.

So, anyone else have a challah spot where one can pick up a lemon cake and a honey cake ... thanks.

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  1. I like Diamond's products and they can be found in some Ralph's stores bakery dept.
    I use Victor Bene's at Gelsons. They do honor their pre-orders and make it easy for pick up. That said, I think they could do a bit better on their challah. The kiddush challah of last night was dry.

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      Our best challah to date was this year's for the New Year -- a round one from Gelson's Westlake Village. It touched all the senses: the fragrance was as I remember, it was so fresh that it was falling apart, it was delicious -- and it was gone in about 5 minutes!

    2. I still like the simple challot and raisin new years challot at Schwartz's bakery on Fairfax.

      And the kakaos(h) and mak- poppy seed strudels are pretty good too.

      1. I went to Bea's, pre-ordered and pre-paid 3 weeks ago. My pickup time was at 11am on Friday. I got there at 1050am, and parked right in front. My order was being bagged as I walked in. The pre-order pickup line had 3 people in it. The challah, honey cake, sponge cake, and delco's were fantastic. What was even better was not having to wait 1 1/2 hours for my RH goods. I hate waiting for Bakery goods Rosh Hashanna time.

        1. I've grown up with the round challah from Junior's, it does the trick but I have no point of comparison on taste or wait time (thanks to uncle albert for picking it up!).

          1. If in the West Valley and looking for a special challah, Pastries by Edie in Canoga Park bakes fresh challah on Fridays and it's wonderful not to mention their incredible pastries and panini's.

            1. Maybe sort of strange follow up question: every Friday morning, I see a rack of pre-ordered challah at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf bakery on Lincoln, near Pico, in Santa Monica. This is both a coffee shop - with no tables - and one of their central bakeries for their shops around town. They have a separate counter with baked goods that you don't always see in their shops.

              So, the question is: has anyone had this challah? Is it any good? I was guessing that weekly surfeit of pre-orders might be more for convenience of location than for flavor, but I could be wrong.

              And I don't believe this is a post for the Chains board because this is the only place to get the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf challah that I know of. I certainly have never seen it in any of their other shops.

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                I didn't even realize that that bakery was a commisary for other shops.

                I go in there all the time -- at least twice a week -- and I've always thought that the bakery was separate from the CB&TL -- just inside it. The Coffee Bean staff won't even serve you the baked goods, it's a separate staff.

                I only point that out so that the mods don't move your query to chains. This is a bakery inside a chain that isn't part of the chain ...

                Now, someone spill it on the challah ...

              2. I first discovered their breads at the Torrance Farmer's Market. I love their Garden Bread! Though today when I went to get a loaf they said it was now called the "Herb Bread". Let's hope it still tastes as good..