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Sep 24, 2006 08:44 PM

Trying to use up canned apple pie filling and/or chocolate pudding

I have inherited large cans of both- apple pie filling and prepared chocolate pudding (yikes)
I would like to use these up in any way OTHER than apple pie
and/or straight out servings of pudding.
I would LOVE suggestions asap.
I have a sorority house of hungry girls to please!

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  1. How about chocolate cream pie and heating up the apple pie filling and spooning over ice cream.

    1. Hi Leah -

      The apple pie filling could be used to make streudel - just get some phyllo dough, thaw it, layer three to four pieces w/ butter and sugar in between, and fold up. Bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 minutes or until crispy and GBD. You could even add raisins or nuts and some fresh vanilla to make a more homemade taste. If you are a whiz with phyllo, there are all kinds of other shapes you can make (purses etc.).

      If the apple pie filling is not to sweet, you could also use it to make a savory sauce for pork. Saute some fresh apples, onions, curry powder, etc. and add some of the filling for body.

      Or, make apple pie coffee cakes - use the filling in your favorite coffee cake recipe for a twist on the traditional.

      You actually could also use the pudding with phyllo too - add some bananas and wrap in phyllo. Or layer the pudding with some whipped cream and strawberries and make a trifle. Or lighten it with some whipped egg whites and make a souffle.

      Hope these ideas help.

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        Or make apple turnovers using puff pastry.

        make cream puffs and fill with chocolate pudding mixed with whipped cream

      2. You could make a crisp, or parfaits (using granola and yogurt).

        For the pudding, you could make it into a cold chocolate fondue - serve with fruit and chunks of toasted pound cake, macaroons, mini meringues, etc.

        1. Add the apple pie filling to pancake or waffle batter.

          Add the apple pie filling to plain oatmeal.

          Make cookies; make the pudding and chill in freezer. Sandwich it between cookies and freeze. To make truly decadent, dip the sandwiches in melted chocolate and cool.

          Fill crepes with the pudding or apple pie filling.

          Use the pudding as part of a trifle.

          Make a triple chocolate pie. Take an oreo cookie crumb crust. Pour melted white chocolate over it. Cool. Spoon in half of pre-made pudding; sprinkle with milk chocolate chips/shavings or peanut butter chips; cover with other half of pudding. Chill. Top with whipped cream, drizzled with melted chocolate, white and dark.

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          1. re: Emme

            You can use the pie filling for trifle, too, or for a crumble/crisp/cobbler (I'd add some fresh fruit to cut the sweetness, though).

            You can also stir the pie filling into cottage cheese (or whipped cream if you want to be decadent); put it in a tortilla with sharp cheddar and bake for an untraditional quesadilla; or put spoonfuls of it in the middle of muffin batter.

            For the pudding: use it as a dip for fruit; stir in whipped cream/topping to make mousse; put into popsicle molds; make fake smores by sandwiching with marshmallow fluff between graham crackers.

          2. Carrie's Easiest No-Bake Pie On Earth
            aka Carrie's Red Velvet No-Bake Pie

            1 can chocolate pie filling, or 1 chocolate pudding, mixed
            1 can cherry pie filling
            1 oreo cookie crust no-bake pie shell
            I can whip cream or 1 small cool-whip

            Pour chocolate pudding/pie filling in Oreo crust. Top with cherry pie filling, cover with whip cream or cool whip and EAT!!! It's yummy and people think you really worked to make a gourmet dessert, hahaha!!!