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Sep 24, 2006 08:24 PM

Slow Cooker

Any suggestions for a good slow cooker?

I used to have a Rival that I bought from Target and it cracked.

Are there any where the pot can be used on the stove to saute spices etc and then be used on the slow cooker as well? That's what I'd really prefer.



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  1. Yes there are slow cookers with a pot that can be used onthe stove, but, like anything, more more multi functionality you get the less good it does at any individual task.

    does this help?

    1. Have you tried contacting Rival? I find most cookware manufacturers to be fairly reasonable with replacement parts.

        1. I have the All-clad slow cooker from Williams Sonoma with the non-stick insert that can go on the stove. Pricey, but worth every penny! A true investment, I use it all the time!

          It is large, so I fill that baby up and freeze half for another night's supper, (that just gets re-heated in the slow cooker!) Because of it's oval shape, it's great for large cuts, or amounts, of beef.

          It actually LOOKS GOOD! It stays on my kitchen counter 365!

          After almost a year of frequent use, I noticed the Non-stick surface had eroded in a couple of tiny spots. I exchanged it at WS for a brand new one, no questions asked!

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            Yeah, Williams-Sonoma sells an All-Clad with a non-stick cast aluminum insert (I believe that one is exclusive to them? There's also an All-Clad with a ceramic insert, but from what I've read it's no better than a far less expensive one, and wouldn't suit your needs anyway). I wanted one so I could sear meats before slow cooking w/o dirtying another pan and to fully utilize any/all fond created, but I just couldn't get past the fact that it is literally 10x the cost (I agree w/ pp though, it's pretty!).

            1. re: Girly_Qs

              I would just go with the ceramic so I dont have to buy from sonoma...

          2. I think you will get more use out of the slow cooker if you get a programmable one. It will allow you to set when the cooker will start and turn off or switch to warm. You can set it and go to work and come back to a cooked meal.

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            1. re: bgazindad

              I have had the kitchenaid for about 2 years now and absolutely love it.
              I gave away the corningware one I had.. never got much use out of it.

              *edited to add.. it does have the ceramic insert.. so stovetop is out.