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Sep 24, 2006 08:07 PM

Where to take visiting Italian family??

I have cousins from Rome visiting the city, where should I take them. We are all 25-27 females. And I doubt they have any interest in visting an italian restaurant.
As a guide, usually I end up eating dowtown when I eat, so I would generally like to take them to similar areas. I just need ideas as to what would be faboulous for a couple of young women that have never visited new york before.

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  1. I agree that taking Italian visitors to an Italian restaurant is like the proverbial "coals to Newcastle." But there are so many possibilities that a few more specifics will help narrow things down.

    1. What other cuisines do you normally choose and/or think they might like? You might also tell us which restaurants you like downtown.

    2. Do you want casual or fancier?

    3. What are your budgetary parameters?

    1. take them to the carnegie club on a satruday nite to see the sinatra type performance given, big band sound..prob 15 piece orchestra..its all about the music, and easy finger foods...go to zibetto for espresso on 6th ave btwn 56 & 57 thst..its next to jamba juice..for the best espresso in nyc, and perhaps the usa

      1. I'd suggest taking them to an Asian restaurant - from what I remember, there are few good ones in Italy. Unfortunately, I can't really recommend any "special night out" ones, since they're out of my price range...

        1. What about Stanton Social, Bond St. Degustation, Woo Lae Oak, Public, Sapa, or Sascha? They're all a pretty good scene and in good neighborhoods to go out in after.

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            I don't necessarily need to take them somewhere "fancy" but more like trendy. More of something to show them the young nyc scene. Something along the lines of spotted pig would be good. I was thinking of typical American food to show them a good time. Just running out of ideas at the moment.
            It would have to be anywhere below 14th st.
            Budget would be similar to that of spotted pigs.

            1. re: nkmontero

              Lower East Side: Schiller's Liquor; Suba - a little 'fancier'. You can go to some bars down there afterwards.

                1. re: Lucia

                  any suggestions around the w village or meatpacking?

                  1. re: nkmontero

                    Meatpacking: Pastis would certainly fit the bill. 5 Ninth.

                    W. Village: Mas. AOC Bedford, Ditch Plains, Fatty Crab.

                2. re: nkmontero

                  I think your crew would be happy with the trendiness of any of the ones I listed.....aside from Sapa they're under 14th, reasonably priced with young, hip clientele and great possibilities for going out after dinner...let me know if you think they're too fancy and I'll brainstorm a bit more.

              1. Little Owl is in the W Vill.