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Sep 24, 2006 07:39 PM

LIQUID DIET, I need tricks and tips for after surgery patients. What blends best?

I'd love to get the inside story from anyone who has ever had to be on a liquid diet. The categories are particle free and then just what blends best. We can use ever tip as we care for these kind of people, who have just had jaw surgery and are on months of diet restrictions. Months. Thanks.

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  1. Hi,
    I had jaw surgery several years ago. Thought I might loose weight but didn't...I actually ate very well. Virtually all soups can be pureed and many actually taste better. Especially good are soups with onion, veggies, herbs, beans, pasta, potatoes, etc. It looks odd but I went out to eat with my family the chef was happy to puree pasta figole was wonderful. So you can easily eat a very healthy meal with lots of vegetables, beans, lentils, split peas, etc...just make soup. Because I know I might not be up to making homemade soup following surgery, I made a number of different kinds and froze them in individual portions ahead of time. Dessert was easy...milk shakes!

    1. Long thread on this topic from last month. Check this out:

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        I saw your post dimsum. There is no majic bullet on this, except to know what to thin things with, and milk or broth cover all of that.

        Thanks, and I hope she stays healthy.


      2. In August, I posted asking for ideas and the Chow Hounds came through like champs. I don't know how to link but if you search dimsumgirl, it should come up. My daughter had jaw surgery and is still recovering and learning how to eat again but thanks to this board, we came up with all kinds of creative ways to feed her. At 90 pounds with 15 pounds to lose, we were desperate and she came through the ordeal with maybe a 5-10 pound loss thanks again to CH! Good luck to you and yours.

        1. Well, just a note to say concentrating on caloric density is not the worst idea, so that you get nutrition without having to drink gallons of the stuff. There are so many terrible prepared liquid diet shakes etc. that masquerade as meal supplements and are largely sugar and bad oils.

          Squash and pumpkin puree beautifully. Potato soup is always good - maybe with leeks. Oxtail soup cooked in a slow cooker with barley could probably be pureed and be good... maybe google 'bone broths' which wouldn't be the worst idea for someone who's healing.

          If you need to add good oils, there is something called Carlson's lemon cod liver oil that is so good, clean and light (like an olive oil with lemon zest, really, but lighter and no fish taste) that I use it as a salad dressing drizzle... tons of vitamin A and D in that. They also have a fish oil that's good though I prefer the cod. (I think if you have tons of that you're supposed to have plenty of vitamin E if I recall correctly.)

          I wonder how a chocolate souffle lightly blended would be? Not too sweet and you could add cream for variety.