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Sep 24, 2006 06:27 PM

Can you help us choose in Rome?

Okay, we've narrowed down our search for one dinner in Rome to Matricianella, Checchinno dal 1887, Le Mani in Pasta or Spirito Di Vino. Can anyone help pick the winner?

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  1. One of the best meals we have had in Rome was on New Years a couple of years ago. We have been back to the restaurant several times and always impressed. The restaurant is Vizi Capitali (Seven Deadly Sins) in Trastevere. Each meal is based on one of the imfamous "sins" We have had both "Lust" and "Gluttony." Near the Pantheon (but off the beaten path) is a place called Il Barcaro - outstanding. On Pellegrino (near Campo dei Fiori) is a very quaint place called Al Bric - intimate and wonderful food. We have always found Ristorante Motevecchio (again in centro - between Fiore and Navona) to be consistent and great.

    1. Matricianella is good, but Checchino is the best truly Roman restaurant in Rome - the definitive versions of oxtail, pajata, bucatini a la gricia (like carbonara without the egg), muzzle salad with celery,lamb innards fried with artichokes (coratella), and probably roast baby lamb. The cheese cart is astonishing. And there is always at least one older Italian wine on the short list that is priced extremely low, and that you would be a fool to pass over - the management wants you to drink well. Checchino is as unmissable on a journey to Rome as Raphael's ravishing portrait of La Fornarina in the Barberini, or even the Colisseum.

      1. Just had to add one more word for Checchino, the dining highlight of our trip to Italy. The service was so kind, the food so extraordinary and delicious in every way! Plenty of choices for non-offal eaters. We received excellent advice all the way around, wine, cheese (you MUST try the astonishing buffalo milk blue!!!), everything. The baby lamb pieces I had almost made me cry they were so simple, but better than any lamb I've had anywhere. Period. It's a bit off the beaten track, but really, really, you must go there.

        1. Have you gone yet, am I too late? SPIRITO DI VINO gets my vote!