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Sep 24, 2006 06:20 PM

Good deli in Pasadena?

I will be visiting the Huntington Library and Gardens soon, and would like suggestions as to where to find a good deli/takeout in the Pasedena area. Thanks!!

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  1. There is no really good deli in the Pasadena area if you mean New York deli. If you mean just good takeout type food, try Gerlach's at Glenarm and Fair Oaks. BTW, they don't allow picnics at Huntington if that was your plan.

    1. Right, no NY Jewish delis. But Lovebirds (N side of Colorado Blvd just E of Lake) has great sandwiches (variety of delicious homemade breads, high quality fillings) very good salads and you'll be wow'd by the pastries. Ya gotta try the the cookies.

      1. There's another good sandwich shop called Vince's Deli across the street from Huntington Hospital on California at the corner of Pasadena Ave. There's a big parking lot with a Vons and Vince's is on the right when you drive inside the parking lot.

        Very good subs with good bread, crispy veggies and good meats and lots of different combinations up on the board. Not expensive and the people that work there are nice.

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          I second Vince's - very good sandwiches!

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            Third on Vince's -- they have a very good selection of sandwiches, and they're very big. There's a good amount of parking available usually, unlike the rest of Pasadena.

        2. Europane on Colorado. Can take out sandwiches, salads, chips, drinks, and amazing baked goods.

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            I second the Europane suggestion! Delicious sandwiches and baked goods!

          2. A little East of Pasadena in Arcadia is a great Italian deli:


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              I would second this recommendation.