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Good burgers in the San Gabriel Valley?

Some of my favorite burgers are from Lucky Boy, Top's, & Pie-n-Burger in Pasadena & Burger Basket in Monrovia. Would appreciate other good burger recs anywhere in the SGV.

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  1. Try Lucky Burger on Del Mar Ave. near Broadway in San Gabriel.

    1. Montebello Country Club Coffee Shop. 1/2 pound juicy burger with all the trimmings and fries for $5.50.

      1. Rick's Burgers in Pasadena is an absolute must!

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        1. re: High Maintenance

          I believe Rick's is (hopefully temporarily) out of business. I think they're looking for a place to relocate.

          1. re: kiwi

            Nope, still open - at least they were yesterday afternoon. Have not seen anything indicating exactly when they will be closing, either. Although, I prefer their tacos and tostadas over their burgers.
            Had a Top's chili-cheese burger on Saturday for the first time - usually get the chicken tostada - and it was FABULOUS!!

            1. re: WildSwede

              They'll be closing within a year. Eat 'em while you can.

              1. re: ozzygee

                Yup there's an article on them in todays LA Times. Closing after 43 years to make room for condos!

        2. In no particular order ...

          HI-LIFE (favorite place to get pastrami burger and fries with ranch dressing)

          CONNAL'S (good, no-fuss burgers)

          ALOHA FOOD FACTORY (Hawai'ian style, with Spam if you so desire)

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            I like Connal's , but more for the fries and shakes. I just grab their "junior burger" which is the perfect size to go with their unbelievably big serving of fries. The only place where one order of fries really IS enough for two people.

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                No....order the small fries at Top's or The Hat and you'll have more than enough for two people.
                Nothing that outstanding about the burgers at Connal's, but my favorite sandwich there is the rib eye steak sandwich.

            1. There's a Burger Basket in Monrovia? There is a Burger Basket in East L.A.! I wonder if it's the same owners?

              1. It's a little West of the SGV but I had an insanely good cheeseburger at Dish in La Canada. Yeah, it cost almost $10 but it was really worth it: it was cooked perfectly and it was extremely juicy.

                1. I like B-Man's ABC Burger.
                  It has a juicy beef patty, avocado, tomato, lettuce and their special mayonnaise + teriyaki sauce.
                  All for about $2!

                  B-Man's Teriyaki & Burgers
                  3007 E. Huntington Dr. #102
                  Pasadena, CA 91107
                  (626) 568-0386

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                    More like $3 for the ABC but still a good deal. Many of the prices have gone up from what is shown on their web site. Myself I like Tops. T-Burger in Monrovia is owned by a Tops family member. Regarding monku's post above (no relation to me, ha ha), a large order of fries at T-Burger can probably feed 6 people - it's an overwhelming mountain of potatoes!

                    1. re: monkuboy

                      You know I've wanted to like B-Man's. I've been a few times, but everytime I get the chicken teriyaki the edges of the chicken are burnt and nothing tastes worse than burnt teriyaki of any kind.
                      Never been to T-Burger, but if its anything like Tops, the fries of any size are plentiful and good.

                  2. The Pasadena area is indeed a burger mecca:

                    1. Pie n' Burger. Cheeseburger with grilled onions. A masterpiece in texture. Specify well-done fries.

                    2. Tops. Bacon-avocado cheeseburger. Enough for two, and unbelievably rich but very, very good. The crowning factor is the pickles, which are cured with an unusual amount of tumeric. The fries are quite decent, but tend to die in the car by the second stoplight - I suggest onion rings instead.

                    3. Wolfe Burger. A crackly char-grilled burger and an extensive condiment bar that includes both Ortega chiles and sliced jalapenos. But the best thing about Wolfe is the spicy, almost dusty-tasting chile that is a legacy from Josephine, the late American Indian spirit of the place. Possible the best onion rings in town.

                    4. Twohey's. The Lil' Stinko Burger has been a Pasadena tradition for more than 50 years. Epochal onion rings, great fountain drinks, and possibly the best hot fudge sundae in town.

                    5. Connal's. Decent pastrami burger and patty melt, although I confess that I usually get a roast beef grinder with avocado instead. It's all about the frings, baby, seasoned with a handful of a Lawry's equivalent. Wonderful milkshakes, including the totally excessive Boston sundae, which is essentially a full sundae floating on top of a milkshake.

                    6. Mike and Anne's. The kind of high-end cheeseburger that demands a decent zinfandel instead of Dr. Pepper.

                    7. Everest. Basically, a Tops clone tucked inside an old Tops, but sweet.

                    8. Conrad's. Trucker patty melts in a genteel family setting. And they come with a free cup of soup!

                    9. Hamburger Hamlet. We aren't supposed to bring up chain restaurants, so I won't bother to mention that if you ask nicely, this Hamlet will still serve the Hots Burger, served open-faced on garlic bread, with diced fresh jalapenos cooked right into the meat, even though it was taken off the menu more than five years ago.

                    10. Amy's Fast Food With a Flair. Actually, I've never been, but I love the name.

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                      The HotsBurger at Hamburger Hamlet is my favorite. For a while there, they would not make it at all, but recently they have started again (I think it is at the discretion of the cook). I went last week and ordered it. Apparently, the "new" one does not come with a salad (as it did when it was on the menu) and the side of chili is now a much smaller size. However, the burger is just as good!
                      At Tops, I love the chili-cheeseburger. That char-grilled flavor is what I like!

                      1. re: condiment

                        Damn that's a lot of burger joints!
                        So we have any info- adress, tel ?
                        Twohey's never reallyy hit if off with me, I much prefer the Pastrami or Bacon burger down the street at Phoros. Both burgers contain MORE bacon/pastrami than the buger patty.

                      2. i don't know if eagle rock counts as SGV, but the Bucket is one of my favorite burgers. I grew up on Rick's (mostly burritos), Pie n' Burger, and Burger Contenental.

                        Pasadena Represent!

                        1. My vote for Connal's as well, & Spikes has a good Teriyaki Burger...A few locations through-out SGV.

                          1. magnolia bar on lake just south of san pasqual has a really excellent, excellent burger. can't remember if it's kobe or not but it certainly tastes like it. they'll cook it rare.

                            monday's it's half off all food.

                            also, we like the ritz-carlton for the mini cheeseburgers in the bar.

                            agree with connals and p&b.