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Sep 24, 2006 05:59 PM

Good burgers in the San Gabriel Valley?

Some of my favorite burgers are from Lucky Boy, Top's, & Pie-n-Burger in Pasadena & Burger Basket in Monrovia. Would appreciate other good burger recs anywhere in the SGV.

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  1. Try Lucky Burger on Del Mar Ave. near Broadway in San Gabriel.

    1. Montebello Country Club Coffee Shop. 1/2 pound juicy burger with all the trimmings and fries for $5.50.

      1. Rick's Burgers in Pasadena is an absolute must!

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        1. re: High Maintenance

          I believe Rick's is (hopefully temporarily) out of business. I think they're looking for a place to relocate.

          1. re: kiwi

            Nope, still open - at least they were yesterday afternoon. Have not seen anything indicating exactly when they will be closing, either. Although, I prefer their tacos and tostadas over their burgers.
            Had a Top's chili-cheese burger on Saturday for the first time - usually get the chicken tostada - and it was FABULOUS!!

            1. re: WildSwede

              They'll be closing within a year. Eat 'em while you can.

              1. re: ozzygee

                Yup there's an article on them in todays LA Times. Closing after 43 years to make room for condos!

        2. In no particular order ...

          HI-LIFE (favorite place to get pastrami burger and fries with ranch dressing)

          CONNAL'S (good, no-fuss burgers)

          ALOHA FOOD FACTORY (Hawai'ian style, with Spam if you so desire)

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          1. re: ipsedixit

            I like Connal's , but more for the fries and shakes. I just grab their "junior burger" which is the perfect size to go with their unbelievably big serving of fries. The only place where one order of fries really IS enough for two people.

              1. re: jackattack

                No....order the small fries at Top's or The Hat and you'll have more than enough for two people.
                Nothing that outstanding about the burgers at Connal's, but my favorite sandwich there is the rib eye steak sandwich.

            1. There's a Burger Basket in Monrovia? There is a Burger Basket in East L.A.! I wonder if it's the same owners?