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Sep 24, 2006 05:58 PM

Best airplane food you've ever had?

I'd have to say mine was on a Mexican airline on the way back from Cancun... nicely done flavorful rice and beans that went with something.

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  1. Is this food on a regular/ scheduled airline, or does private catering count?


    1. Refusing Alitalia's dreadful food and 'hounding on the two edible souvenir's from Rome. One egg and tuna and arugula panini, the other prosciutto. Mmmmm.

      1. i can't remember the name of the airline right now, but on a flight either to or from bangkok and hong kong i had roasted duck with rice, steamed vegetables and a glass of white wine. and i was flying coach! the food was excellent. the wine not so much.

        1. I remember being served foie gras in business class a couple times. Unfortunately, at that time I was too young and stupid to try it and gave it to my dad.

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            AF F or J was the 1st time I tried Foie gras & have been addicted ever since! I was super-hungy & decided to go for it - boy am I glad I did!!

            I remember the Dom & Beluga & carved roast Tenderloin on Pan Am F - those were the days!

            Virgin & Singapore & AF still do a good job, but it's not the same... I'm hoping Swiss, too, as we are flying them next summer.

            Now, the food in AA F is so bad I ask them for a turkey Wrap from Y - much more edible!

            1. re: torta basilica

              I like teh food on Swiss - the meals are good and they always serve wine. The snacks can be anything from brie and salami on a crusty baguette to warm croissants.

              1. re: gini

                Ack--I flew Swiss when it was SwissAir and had to endure the same ham and cheese sandwiches 4 times (lunch/snacks and the Zurich-Rome leg). That cheese was OK the first time then downhill from there. The dinners were a little better. And avoid any Swiss red wine like the plague--they also offered Chilean selections, much better.

                Most recently I have had really nice food on Iberia and Mexicana. Surprisingly good Rioja on the former (with beef with peppercorns and Spanish tortilla); chicken in salsa verde with black beans and chayote on the latter.

                Best ever was AirIndia (see post below)! Veg even better than non-veg, richly spiced. Plus a Bollywood movie.

                Next month I will have a lot of datapoints to sample Cathay Pacific's food on the 16 hour JFK-Hong Kong flight and will report...

                1. re: kenito799

                  Just flew Cathay Pacific (biz class) from SFO to Hong Kong and then to Bangkok. The food was excellent. Wine was good, too

          2. Going from Grenada to Miami very early one AM on American Airlines I was pleasantly surprised with a perfect and piping hot cheese omelet and fresh fruit. Probably one of the best meals provided by the airlines. Another time we had a dinner time flight out of Indianapolis and stopped at a well known Indiana cafeteria for take out fried shicken dinners. I am sure that there were some people who wished that they had done the same.

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              That was fried chicken, not shicken