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Sep 24, 2006 05:13 PM

CSA in Northern Virginia

Hi. I recently moved to the area (Fairfax County, Virginia) and I desperately miss my good old organic vegetable box from when I lived in San Francisco. Does anyone subscribe to a CSA that serves Northern Virginia? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I've subscribed to both summer and winter shares from Even Star Organic. They are in MD but they have a drop off in Arlington right off of 395 near Walter Reed Ave... You can check them out at - they will also have other CSAs from the area you can search. You will want to hurry though if you want to get in on the winter share at Even Star - I don't think they have very many slots still open.

    Another place you can search is

    1. It's not too relevant now, but IIRC the Washington Post prints a list of CSA's every Spring. You can try searching their website.

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        Thanks for the info. I didn't realize that most of the CSAs (w/ exception of Even Star) just operate during summer and fall. I suppose that is obvious given the climate here, but having just moved from California I was used to year-round CSAs. Thanks again!!!

      2. We've been a part of this co-op since 2001 and been happy over all. Check out the websites.

        Been out to his farm a number of time (in fact going out in the fall to collect some eggs and a pumpkin has become a tradition with my kids). Runs a good farm.

        1. Check out Potomac Vegetable Farms (website of the same name). They're based in Vienna with property in Loudoun county. I've had a mini share with them for the past two years, with nothing but beautiful produce. They have several pick up sites in NoVA in addition to the farm itself. No corn or fruit, though.

          1. Sandy Spring CSA is now delivering to Northern Virginia. (Full disclosure: I help the farmers market the CSA). We're in our 10th year serving eaters in Maryland, and this spring we also have pickup sites in Alexandria, Fairfax, Reston, Falls Church, McLean, and Great Falls/Potomac Falls. Learn more at

            Veggies are certified-organic, local and delicious.