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Sep 24, 2006 04:47 PM

HELP! Where can I buy fresh sea urchin roe in NYC (retail)

Found it once in the chinese market on Elizabeth St but they rarely have it...

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  1. Citarella usually has it, though you may want to call ahead to check.

    1. Many believe, as do I, that the best sea urchin on the planet comes from Southern California. Check out Catalina Offshore Products. They will overnight ship anywhere. Their Sea Urchin is amazing.

      1. Japanese markets will generally carry it. I frequently see it at Sunrise Market, but it's not a given so call first.

        1. korean groceries on 32nd st. - koreatown. would have it as well.

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            You are talking about HanAhReum, which does have sea urchin, but it's already been shelled and in a relatively large package -- there's at least 20-25 pieces in the box. The Sunrise Market ones also come shelled.

            Citarella carries them alive and still prickly. You have to shell them yourself, if you know how.