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Sep 24, 2006 04:30 PM

BU Parents Weekend Dinner suggestions

Suggestions for good place for dinner with 8 people - meeting our son's girlfriend's family for the first time. Would like a casual place where you can talk with good food.


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  1. It's a little small, may not be the greatest for conversation but I highly recommend Carlo's Cucina at 131 Brighton Avenue, Allston (very close to B.U.), very good food, casual and very reasonable prices. I am not sure if they take reservations, but if they don't forget it, you will never get a table for 8.

    1. I'm a big fan of Kenmore Square's India Quality. About a five minute walk or one subway stop from BU East.

      If Indian isn't your bag, Chef Chang's just south of campus has very dependable American-Chinese, and Taberna De Haro across the street has wonderful tapas and spanish entrees.

      1. I think Eastern Standard would work very well -
        Right in Kenmore - google for price points - but can definitely go casual without a problem - good food all the way around.

        Trattoria Toscana is a well-regarded casual Italian place in the Fenway area about 10 minutes? from BU - search the board for thoughts.

        I love Carlo's but IIRC, it can be VERY cramped and loud, so not so great for a table of eight to have a conversation. I fully support going there on your own, however. Good chow...

        1. Try hitting the Super 88 food court in Allston. It's spacious and casual with many good option (see 2 recent threads).

          Also very nice is Ken's Ramen, around the corner from the food court.

          Other good places in the Allston area: Aneka Rasa (Singapore/Malaysian), Buk Kyung II (Korean-Chinese).

          1. The foodcourt?? give me a break Yuck - not a place to go for dinner with 8 people.. food may be ok but oh my god- please not a place to recommend for a dinner for 8??/

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              Why not? The dim sum and (especially) the Indonesian stuff are great for the area. And seating will be easy to come by.

              1. re: limster

                My problem with foodcourt style eating is it's not at all conducive to conversation because the timing is off- everyone's off getting their own stuff and that means they don't end up all sitting at the same time. I have the same problem with Fire & Ice and with Marche when they were open.

                Plus when you're a student, you want mom and dad to bring you out to the places you can't afford on your own :-)