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Sep 24, 2006 03:55 PM

Ocean Club - Scottsdale (Keirland Commons)

We received a last minute invite to join some friends at Ocean Club for dinner. We started with a drink in the bar, which was packed. Not only could we not find a seat, but we could barely find a place to stand. This place is popular.

We were seated promptly at our reservation time. The waiter was very friendly and helpful. They brought out the incredible, fresh baked bread basket (really one of the best in town). The pretzel bread is awesome.

We started with a seafood tower that they custom make to order. For the 4 of us, we had 8 shrimp, 1/2 dozen blue point oysters and 1/2 dozen crab claws. It came to the table in a giant bowl/platter over shaved ice. Great presentation, and the shell fish was awesome. Everything is just so fresh and delicious. Next time I go here I'm just going to get a giant tower. Despite two warnings my friend ate his last shrimp with too much of the atomic horse radish and almost blew fire out of his mouth.

My wife and I each had the chopped salad. I usually get the spinach salad, but as you might expect, they don't have any spinach in the kitchen right now. The chopped salad was great. Very fresh and tasty. It was huge. We easily could have split one and still had some left over.

My friend had the bone in KC stip steak medium rare. It looked incredible, and he said it was great. He didn't even offer me a bite. We shared the bone on ahi tuna. It came over julienned vegetables, with a light soy sauce over the top, and some ginger and wasabi on the side. I don't usually order ahi, since I've had so much of it over the years, but my wife wanted it and the waiter said it was his favorite thing on the menu. The chef seared it quickly, and placed some mild peppercorns on the outside. Amazing. Literally the best ahi I've ever had. Very meaty taste and substantial. It went very well with the pinot noir. Luckily, we split it (the kitchen split it for us, and it looked like an entire entree on each plate). Just a ton of food.

Sides were the sauteed mushrooms, steamed brocholi and steamed asparagus. (Yes, we're on kind of a health kick lately). All were great. It was my friends birthday, so the waiter brought out a giant slice of carrot cake on a plate labeled "Happy Birthday" with chocolate sauce. The one bite I had was delicious.

We finished with some port and cigars back in the bar (which was still packed). Overall, it was a wonderful night. Just a very well run restaurant (same owners as Mastros, Drinkwaters, etc). The service was excellent, and not at all stuffy. This place is not inexpensive, but I still feel it's a good value if you want a special night out. Love the Ocean Club!


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  1. I can't blame them for not wanting to post prices on their website, but, do you remember how much the Ahi was? I can't imagine splitting Ahi with someone, given the portions I usually get.

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      I think it was $32. It was truly a huge portion. Normally, I'm the guy who eats the bone in rib eye myself, so I'm not dainty by any means. Our friends slipped the waiter a credit card away from the table, so I never saw a bill. The Ahi was fantastic.

    2. I wanted to get my sister and brother-in-law a holiday restaurant gift certificate. They probably have eaten at many of the best restaurants in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area. I found out-through my mother-that the place they wanted to receive a gift certificate from, above all others, was The Ocean Club.

      1. I've eaten there, and was impressed by the service and decor. The food was very good too, but if you had seen the bill you probably would have been quite shocked. The restaurant is very nice, but outragously expensive. I can think of a lot of other places that are just as nice, if not nicer, and don't come with such sticker shock.
        If you go, make sure someone else is picking up the tab.

        1. Agree with everyone - I have had AMAZING meals there. The quality is always excellent. Thank god I never have had to pay. Sometimes the seafood towers alone are $200-$300 (or more depending on size and how many diners).

          I went once with a party of 10 and the bill was $1700. We didn't have bottles of wine either - just cocktails and wines by the glass, a seafood tower for 8 (2 people don't do seafood) and entrees/sides/a few desserts to share.

          1. We ate at the sister restaurant, Drinkwaters. At first, I was disappointed that there was NOTHING regional on the menu: the steak comes from Chicago, the fish is shipped in from the coast (it was the first night of my first time ever in PHX and I was hoping to taste something of the area) Anyway, they sure know how to cook a steak. The 12 ounce bone-in filet was really one of the best I've ever had, and I grew up in the midwest. We thought the chopped salad was ridiculously big -- really a waste. But, thumbs up on this place overall. After dinner, the bar is the place to be, especially if you are a man. I couldn't leave my husband alone for one minute. The scene was like an "after the surgery" display on the Dr. 90210 show, if you know what I mean. At least the steaks were real.