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Sep 24, 2006 03:31 PM

Degustation closed?

has anyone tried to make reservations at, or dined at, Degustation very recently? I ask because I've been trying to call the 212 979 1012 number since yesterday, and I keep getting a ring, and then a busy signal.

My initial thoughts, in descending order of probability:
a) I'm having odd cell phone service issues on my end
b) Rosh Hashanah vacation?
c) another closing in the Lamb restaurant empire.

Of course,
a) Tried calling w/my girlfriend's cell phone (T-Mobile vs Verizon) -- same deal
b) Possible, but seems unlikely
c) I was under the impression that Degustation was doing well financially, as well as culinarily.

Anyone else with a more recent data point, or else, a landline and 30 seconds to spare?

Thanks much...

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  1. I was there for dinner last night - open and delic as always.

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    1. re: jona2325

      excellent -- it's one of my favorite restaurants in the city, and happy to hear that they're still around. Guess this leaves me with the conclusion that I'm more eager than ever to switch my cell phone plan -- I'm off to find a phone booth (thanks to verizon's incompetence in the landline department as well)...

    2. I was at Degustation last night as well, had an amazing meal and overheard that they were having phone issues. They think that the phone lines might be out until Tuesday. I would recommend just walking in, and I would also recommend the sweetbreads, they are delicious!