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Nov 30, 2004 08:12 PM

Steak By The Ounce!

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Years ago (28 maybe)(maybe more) there was a restaurnat called Phil Lehr's The Steakery and there was Le Bouef. Both had cold cases filled with raw slabs of steaks. You would select yours, they would weigh it after you selected how you wanted it cut and then charge you by the ounce. Some damn fine steak meat I might add. Anyone know of a place in the Bay area that still follows this archaic concept?

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  1. I think Alfred's does that.

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    1. re: Jim H.

      I don't think Alfred's does that at all. They offer a variety of cuts of steak and some different portion sizes. However, they don't slice the steak to your request.

      I used to work as a grill cook and bartender (35 years ago) at a place called "What's Your Beef?" in Rumson, NJ that did just that.

    2. WOW Rhil Lehr's Greenhose. We went there before the Senior Prom. If I was that young again and had that much energy.

      It not still there is it.

      But wait I did not go with Mrs. yimster. Well better forget about it. Hope noone tells the wife. I should be safe she was a lower class in another high school.

      1. Nostalgia only...follow the link.

        Birthday brunch, in 1974, maybe. No steak, but a casino-type buffet.

        For $40 (see link) we could all have a xmas day get-together.


        1. Make that 40+ years ago, at least for Le Boeuf. Next door was Le Poulet ("beef or chicken?" she asked). They were at 541 Washington St., now occupied by the Transamerica pyramid. Upstairs was the Stella Hotel, of which yours truly was a denizen, and which was immortalized by Jerry Kamstra in the novel "Frisco Kid."

          None of us could afford Le Boeuf, but Clown Alley eventually emerged around the corner to satisfy our steer-sized munchies.

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          1. re: Gary Soup

            As I recall, LeBoeuf was one of those dim-lit restaurants where guys who wanted to come across as worldly sophisticates took gals they wanted to impress.

            Haven't cruised the upper-end SF restaurant scene in a long time. Do those kinds of places still exist? You know, where you need flashlights to read the menu?

          2. My cousin took us all out to Morton's in Chicago last week, where the waiter rolled out the featured slabs of raw beef along with hawking the sliced beefstake tomato salad, as if the tomato were a recent discovery. (I'm not sure how they do this with a straight face, but surely this is what steakhouses were like when I was a child, full of wise guys, eating filet mignon and smoking cigars.)

            My prime rib (a bargain $34) must have been a pound and a half; it was a damned good prime rib too. The double porterhouse was at least 48 oz.