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Sep 24, 2006 03:06 PM

Looking for any unturned stones in McHenry County

I'm always trying to find somewhere fun to eat and just wondering if there are any places out there I'm missing!

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  1. Alex's - Easily the best Gyros in McHenry or Lake county!

    This place is as good as Nick's drive in on Harlem in Niles or any of the places in Greektown, they serve Kronos Central, it's the real deal.

    1. Holy Cow, I knew good food was hard to find out in the boonies, but I had no idea!!!!!!

        1. Have you tried Mookies in McHenry? They have great lake perch on Wed and Fridays. It is on the east side of Fox River, take River Rd south off Rte 120.

          1. There is a steak place on lake Moor (or is it Moor Lake?) that always looks intriguing, but I have never stopped at. Any one have experience with this place?

            Also, I seen a few good reviews (not from here) on a Chinese place called Plum Garden

            Again, I have not been here either but would be interested in more opinions.