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Sep 24, 2006 02:14 PM

Driving up to St. Andrews - what's on the way (Boston to Bar Harbor/ Calais) & New Brunswick

In a few days we're going on a road trip to Maine, and staying in St. Andrews New Brunswich for a few days.

Please suggest some chowish places to stop, eat and visit! No Chains please! Looking for vegarian options, and limited fried New England fare.


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  1. The best fried seafood along your route would be at the Angler's in Searsport, Me.

    1. Once you get across the boarder, in St. Stephans you will definately want to pick up a box of Ganong chocolates!

      1. Stockton Maine, north of Camden, Just Barb's on Rt 1. It's a local kind of place.

        1. John's Ice Cream, Route 3,Liberty, Maine is about midway between Augusta and Belfast. Place is small, on your right as you head up route 3. Various ways to go to Bar Harbor but we find getting off the Interstate and taking route 3 to be faster and more enjoyable. John's is AMAZING. We try to time our travel plans around their operating hours. All of the ice creams are hand made on the premises, he uses fresh fruits which he buys by the bushel and cooks down himself. My personal favorite is the GINGER ice cream...the best I have ever had....loaded with FRESH ginger as well as crystalized, all held together by the smoothest creamiest vanilla. I fantasize about it. He has only ONE location, owner operated. He left Brooklyn to escape the rat race, but has made ice cream all his life. He will gladly share his recipes with you because he knows that you'll never have the time and patience to do what he does to make his product. If you want to call to check on hours/location, the number on the last card I scooped up there is (207)589-3700. I've only been there in the summer, have no idea what he's up to off season, so best to check.

          Biggest lobster roll we've found is to be had at a little corner luncheonette/variety store in downtown Castine. I don't know the name, but it sits on the corner across the street from the town waterfront parking lot. It doesn't look like a restaurant, more like a newstand, locals gave us the inside scoop or we would never have found it. Ducking over to Castine is a pretty drive...small town, home of the Maine Maritime Academy, very historic but not too touristy. They don't go much for MAYO, the lobster meat is pretty much unadulterated, but they must put 2 lobsters worth in every roll and you'll need to use a fork for a long time before you can pick it up and finish it as a roll. Not much of a restaurant, limited seating, but picnic tables under pavillions on the water across the street are fine (weather permitting). I think that we paid $14.00 per roll, the bread was nothing special, but if you want LOBSTER and lots of it, a great deal.

          Westcott Forge in Blue Hill serves a really nice pub lunch. Dinner may also be good, but haven't experienced it personally. Hip atmosphere, usually playing some interesting music, friendly service, owner operated.

          Lily's in the Penobscot area does a wonderful lunch...not open for dinner.Great sandwiches, and light fare. Simple seating inside and out in a beautiful area. Sorry, unsure of the exact town but on that peninsula. These smaller towns are way better than Bar Harbor for sight seeing and eating in my opinion!

          Enjoy your trip through the nicest part of Maine!