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Sep 24, 2006 01:36 PM

Asheville Restaurant Festival 9/27-9/30

I am impressed by the lineup of events for the upcoming restaurant festival from a Low Country Meal at the Boathouse to a Tour de France meal at Fig as well as pizza and ice cream making for the kids. I think hubby and I will have to try and make at least a couple of these to support the independent restaurants and try some great food. Good opportunity for others to try some new (Fig) and golden oldies (Vincenzo) restaurants.

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  1. Is Vincenzo's good? I have not had a chance to try it yet but love Italian. Would also appreciate other recs of good Italian. I have been to Sorrento's and La Caterina...enjoyed them both (Sorrento's especially because of the service and atmosphere...very unique!).

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      vincenzo's is generally pretty good. i think they're better on an average weeknight than when they do special holiday menus. they skew a little more toward the higher end, with the menu set-up in courses. my experience has been that the food is very good, but the waitstaff can be somewhat pretentious. they also, at least on occasion, have pulled the bottled water crap, which just irks me to no end. biggest drawback is the cigar bar downstairs, which is also where the restaurant's host/ess is located. if you have to wait on a table, especially if the bar is busy, it can get kind of rank.

    2. I think I may try the Italian "Big Night" dinner at Fiore's that is going on during the restaurant festival. Have heard good things about the chef.

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        Fiore is new to me. Has it been around long?

        I'd like to go to one of the events, but fig would be my #1 choice, and unfortunately my husband doesn't like it...and I can't pay $85 for a wine dinner without my designated driver !

      2. danna - Fiore's is the former Cottonwood Cafe near City County Plaza and close to where Max's Celebrity Grill once was. The son of the former owners took it over and my understanding is that he is the chef.