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Sep 24, 2006 01:06 PM

Good Eats in South Tahoe

My partner, her mother and I will be spending Oct 3, 4 and 5 at Marriott's Timber Lodge in So Lake Tahoe.

I have been reading some travel guides with info on restaurants, Burger Lounge, Chart House, etc.

I was wondering if anyone can make recommendations or give me their take on those two choices.

Am looking for breakfast spots, lunch and dinner choices.

I'd love to say that price is no object but that's not the case.

Cheats to moderately expensive recommends would be best.


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    this should get you started, but do a search for 'south lake tahoe' and see what pops up.

    good luck, use your "chow-dar" and please post your experiences. South Lake Tahoe is great, but I hope you explore the rest of the lake. It's world class scenery, and West Lake Tahoe, King's Beach and Incline have their spots to chow as well.

    We like the Brick House in KB for great burgers and sandwiches. Also the Old Tahoe-style resort in Zepher Cove, just north of SLT has excellent old-fashioned breakfasts and good service.

    1. i was just there in august and provided a lengthy report:

      1. thank you. I tried linking to it but it came up as a duplicate of the one above....?!