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Meeting friends at the Art Gallery this week, and would love a restaurant fairly close bye for dinner.
Walking distance would be great.
Not more than $75. per couple.(could stretch it a wee bit).
Any type of good food.
thanks in advance.

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  1. Lots of choice. Hmmm, let me see:

    1. Asian restaurants along Dundas street (between McCaul and Spadina) and along Spadina. I especially like Mother's Dumplings on Huron Street.

    2. Midi Bistro along McCaul Street. Southern French fare and you can get a fixed price 3 course menu for $32 each: www.midibistro.com

    3. All sorts of restaurants along Baldwin Street: French, Japanese, Mongolian, Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Vegetarian etc.

    Have fun!

    1. I definitely agree with the Mother's rec above. It's very casual, and extremely inexpensive. Look for a past review by me for some details.

      The restaurants along Baldwin are hit and miss in my opinion. The hits are: Matahari (Malaysian), Caffe La Gaffe (Italian-esque), Konichiwa (Japanese), Wah Sing (Chinese), Hua Sang (Chinese) and Eating Garden (Chinese). Any of these would fit within your budget constraints.

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        i absolutely second Konichiwa (Japanese). they have a nice patio as well as resto. the sushi there is mmm mmmm good!

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          An enthusiastic third for Konichiwa. Friendly service too.

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          I absolutely dare anyone to spend $75 per couple at Mother's Dumplings! I'll bet you couldn't even carry the TAKEOUT if you spent that much!

          That said, the dining on Baldwin is decent with plenty of choice as noted by others. I like Matahari Grill for Malaysian and Jodhpore Club for Indian on that strip.

        3. on baldwin i'm also a favourite of bodega (prix fix that would fit your budget) and bocca (you may have to be more creative here to fit your budget, but it can be done)

          1. it depends what kind of tone you want to set, but if you wanted to do something fun, low key and interactive you could go to korean BBQ (walk down mccaul street until queen, and it's on the east side right after the scotiabank).
            it's a do it yourself type meal, with a grill and everyone bbq's their own slices of seasoned meat (chicken, pork, beef, ox, ect). it's usually a new experience for most.
            of course this would only be good if you had no vegetarians in your group.
            beyond this there are lots of restaurants on queen street if you are willing to walk 5 mins.

            1. Midi Bistro sounds good, as we don't want an eat and leave meal.
              Just a nice quiet dinner and chat.
              I do want to stay within our friends' budget.
              Has anyone actually eaten there?

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                I have eaten there numerous times since it has opened. You won't be blown away by the menu, but I've never been disappointed with the dishes I have ordered. I have also brought plenty of people along and they have also enjoyed it. I would sum it up this way: tasty, simple and reliable.

                Ps I enjoy the profiterolles very much...but that's me

              2. The Queen Mother at McCaul and Queen is really very nice. Their SE Asia part of menu is especially good. Excellent Pad, Great Bah Me Hang and Khoa Soy Gai, and lovely Ping Gai. The other half a menu is new French and is light and usually fairly seasonal. Its very good, just not great like the SE Asian stuff. But, it will definately please anyone who doesn't want the other. Mains in the $15 or less range except meat heavy which might climb to $20. Apps. at under $10 and ditto for deserts.

                If you want to head to Baldwin, Konnichiwa is fantastic. Excellent authentic Japanese cooking. The grilled and baked fish items are especially good (e.g. grilled flish-fish!!). Their Unagi is the best I've had and I have had Kaji and Hiro's too. They also make also sorts of Edo-style sushi (cooked and shaped), which they do really well and is hard to find elsewhere. You really can't go wrong here -- although, they have limited Nigiri-Sushi. But, that just means that their fish is all the more fresh. Oh, and is really very cheap!

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                  I agree about Queen Mother, its one of my favs. If you go, you must try their delicious samosa's.

                2. flish-fish?? What was I on! That should read Flying-Fish!

                  1. Agree with Midi and La Bodega - been to both and thoroughly enjoyed the food and service (and the price). Also, the AGO Cafe does a small but classy selection (soups, salads, sandwiches, steak) for lunch.

                    Caffe la Gaffe is OK, but service and quality can be a bit uneven. Haven't tried Konnichiwa, but will now!