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Sep 24, 2006 10:27 AM

Best baklava in Toronto?

I love baklava and wonder where I can find the best baklava in Toronto. Any tips?

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of it, but I do live in GreekTown on the Danforth, so I would say definetly check out any of the places there, particularly Athens Pastries (i'm pretty sure thats the one I'm thinking of)

    1. Arz Bakery @ Vic Park and Lawrance.

      1. I like my baklava very sweet with lots of dripping honey sauce. For that kind of baklava, there is a woman who sells it in Kensington. It is inside one of the 2 nutsellers stores (bad description I know, but you'll probably know what I mean) and it is delicious. For the drier kind of baklava, Arz grocery (an Armenian grocery on Lawrence East -- east of the DVP) is good and the choices are astounding.

        1. Definitely ARZ. It's very different from the more common Greek style - drier and less sweet. What's more important is that they simply do it well. There are other shops along Lawrence East that may be as good as Arz or better, but I haven't tried them yet. Reports anyone?

          There's incredible choice on Danforth. I haven't tried all of the restaurants, but I have tried ALL of the bakeries along Danforth, Pape, and Donlands. I don't feel that any of the Greek bakeries is any good. (Your mileage may vary.) The trick with Greek style baklava is crispy, buttery filo under the dripping sauce. I consistently find soggy, soaked filo, butterless, and with too few nuts to taste. Europa (not Greek) gets the pastry a bit better, but ruins it with some kind of artificial flavour.

          Athens on Danforth is great, but they don't specialize in baklava-type pastries.

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            I think you're referring to the middle-eastern style of baklawa that uses orange/rose water, ghee and sugar instead of lots of honey... they also tend to use pistachios, almonds, and cashews instead of the usual in greek style baklava.

          2. Oh, do visit Arabesque on the corner of Gladstone & College, just east of Dufferin. Absolutely yummy yummy stuff. Somebody told me that the proprietor is of Lebanese descent, and that all of his various kinds of baklava (there are about 8 or 10) are homemade. Everything from the drier variety to dripping with honey. My fave: the little 'fingers' in the top right side of the display cabinet (made with rosewater and other stuff, it says). They're slightly drier and dissolve in your mouth when you bite into them.

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              I agree - Arabesque is wonderful - I eat there once a week and always get a piece of his baklava as a finisher. One tiny piece is just right. The owner is very friendly and easy-going. It's open Tuesday to Saturday 11-7, Sundays 11-4 if I remember correctly.