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Sep 24, 2006 06:28 AM

Great Meal At Nook Bistro (w/photos)

I finally got to check Nook Bistro out after hearing so many positive reviews. We arrived early, before the weekend crowd, and were greeted warmly by the host and waitress. Our menu included the New Zealand Green Lip Mussels, lentil soup, and a side of shiitake and gruyere bread pudding. All were wonderful! I'll definitely be going back again for their Mac and Cheese. Any other must-have recs? Thank you Chowhounds!

For the full review and photos:

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  1. Lovely review. YOu've made me hungry. I will definitely stop on this week for lunch. Do you think it's a comfortable place for a single diner?

    did you go for lunch or dinner? And are the menus different?

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    1. re: Veggietales

      Very comfortable for the singer diner - there's a large communal table in the middle, plus a small bar, in addition to the regular tables.

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        I have had several nice 'flying solo' lunches. Once I was doing homework for my Thai class and the waitress was super-friendly and chatty about Thailand and tried to make sure I had some extra elbow room, not always easily accomplished in that small row of tables.

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          Thanks Veggitales,
          I think you would be totally fine dining alone, I might even try it myself soon! I went for dinner, but I know they have a lunch menu with some similar dinner choices along with some nice lunch items as well. Their lunch menu looked great though. I've heard some praise about their grilled albacore sandwich... go take a look at their website for their menus!

        2. I've had the braised short ribs two times and both times it was very good.

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            OOH! I saw that on the menu too... is it a big portion? I love meat that falls off the bone! I've also heard raves about the burger at Nook. How does it compare to Father's Office?

            1. re: jniceyw

              The braised short ribs is tender, but not quite fall off the bone tender.

              The burger is also very good... comes with good skinny fries.

              The chocolate banana bread pudding is also good.

              ps. You know which place has really really good braised short ribs that literally falls off the bone? Claim Jumper.

          2. The braised short ribs is a generous portion, particularly since it is so rich and served over smashed potatoes. After a starter of clam chowder at dinner on Friday (their soups are always good) I took half of my entree home, and I'm a big eater.

            1. I love Nook's maple glazed ribeye with onion rings and sauteed apples. It is a perfect fall dinner.

              1. i just had dinner there tonight, and it was a good experience.

                had the tilapia... slightly undersalted but nice and crispy. the vegetable accompaniment was mighty tasty (haricot vert, nicoise olives, fennel, onion)

                friend had the burger and said it was kind of like the ones at father's office.. can't really corroborate because i've never been to father's office myself. but the fries were great! the parsley gave it a fresh flavor, and i practically licked the last piece off the plate before the waiter carried it away.

                for dessert, brownie cup and vanilla bean ice cream. both fabulous! the brownine cup was actually more like a chocolate cake than a brownie, though. but i'm not complaining. and the ice cream resonated with real strong vanilla flavor.

                the place was packed by the time we left. this place is definitely a keeper.