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Sep 24, 2006 05:39 AM

Best Steak under $20

I have a craving for beef, but as always, I'm on a budget. Any recs for the best place to get a mouth-watering piece of meat for under $20? Suburbs and chains are excluded, of course, but any other restaurants in Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, etc. will be considered. Please refrain from Boston Chowhound favorites (e.g. NO EAST COAST GRILL!) and I'd prefer not to have to dress up, although that shouldn't be an issue at $20/plate.


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  1. T-Bone at the Stockyard: $22 and comes with xtra-crispy fries and a very good vegetable of the day. The salad and bread is boring.

    Steak offering at Rendezvous: $20-25 for a smaller but perfect cut (skirt this month, usually sirloin). Frites and salad are as good as anything else they make there.

    That's pretty much in your price range, right?

    And, for good measure, the booby prize: the $11 "rib-eye steak" at R.F. O'Sullivan's. It's a flavorless, waxy, sinewy embarrassment where you get perhaps less than what you pay for. Entirely regrettable, including the cold and grainy mashed potatoes.

    1. Chow about any churrascaria? There's Churrasco in Somerville.

      Best yet, Montecristo on Broadway in Somerville. You certainly won't have to dress up.


        130 Jersey St (Fenway), Boston, 02215

        Last time we were there this was on the menu.

        Tagliata di manzo al rosmarino $18
        sliced sirloin steak perfumed with rosemary and
        extra virgin olive oil

        1. PapaRazi at Newbury and Dartmouth

          Fileto balsamico with roasted veggies: $19.95

          Very good!

          Also good bar and wine list.

          1. It's not a steak, but the prime rib at Durgin Park is great.