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Sep 24, 2006 05:27 AM

Fleur de Lys or Alex?

Any opinions? I'm by myself in Vegas, so which is better foodwise, and which is better for a solo dinner?

Also, please confirm this...Nobhill better than Seablue?

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  1. Solo? I would probably go Daniel Boulud and sit in the bar area, there are tables in that room and you could get one in a quiet corner closer to the door. That's a nice place, more secluded and private. Excellent food too. Ate there myself in about the same area and enjoyed it much.

    1. Alex, Alex, Alex - I have been to both and while Fleur is very, very good, Alex is one of the best dining experiences you will have. They will take wonderful care of you and the food is sublime.

      1. Nobhill way better than Seablue. Also more expensive.