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Sep 24, 2006 04:11 AM

Sam's Italian Deli and Market Report (Fresno)

Visited Sam's during lunch for sandwich and supplies today. Here is a link to my wife's posting on the wine end of things:

Sam's is a little jewel in the Fresno area. Deli meats and cheeses and salads are available in whatever quantity you desire. Canned and boxed foot items available, many imported from Italy. Frozen pastas made in house are available along with a few cooking supplies. Fresh breads and rolls are available with Sam yelling "hot bread" when he re-stocks the bakery area. The deli case is truly a thing of beauty, long and stuffed to the gills with goodness. Here is where you can order your sandwich.

Ordered the small New Yorker hot pastrami sandwich. When I ordered, the deli guy nodded knowingly and said, "Hmm, that's a good one." Now that I'm done with it, I agree. I am already dreaming of my next one. Brisket pastrami grilled with onions and melted provolone cheese made for a gooey and delicious mess on a crusty baguette. Pickle spear and mustard on the side. I added both to my sandwich and made it even better. Very rich, flavorful, and tangy.

Sam's Italian Deli
(559) 229-9346
2415 N 1st St
Fresno, CA 93703

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  1. Thanks for the report. Sounds like a good place to buy a sandwich as well as get some wine.