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Sep 24, 2006 03:29 AM

WIN BUFFET on 236 shopping center with Marshalls

This this place any good?

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  1. I've been in there a few times. It's pretty typical of that sort of place. Get a table within sight of the buffet and watch when something comes out of the kitchen. There's a sushi counter that's just OK.

    I've tried all of the restaurants in that shopping center and, chowhoundlessly, my favorite is Valentino's Pizza.

    For a pig-out I prefer Bamboo Buffet on Jefferson Street, across Leesburg Pike from Skyline Towers. Peter Pan Buffet at Fairfax Circle had some good reports here a while back but I haven't seen anything about it lately. I went in there once at lunchtime, the line was long, it smelled kind of funky, and it was a buck or two more than the other places, so I didn't stay.

    1. It's been at least two/three years since I went (never found a reason to go back) - my impression was that the place was VERY ordinary, though the sushi chef at that time shaped some lovely items (that didn't taste like much).

      But - hey! It's right across the street from Hee Been and TemptAsian - and if you carefully discriminate between the American sections of the menu and the Chinese sections (it's all in one folder these days) TemptAsian hasn't lost ALL of its chops.