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Sep 24, 2006 02:40 AM

(PDX) Vist to Reed College & Eugene. Looking for Oysters and Other Recs

Greetings -

This Santa Fe, New Mexico chowhound is traveling with 17-year-old son to Portland for a 3 day visit. Son is visiting Reed College. Will also go down to Eugene. We are staying near PDX airport. I've reviewed the board and done some searches and gotten a list together. Coming from the desert and being an oyster lover, I am looking for reasonably priced places that do a good job with oysters (fried, raw and otherwise prepared). They must serve other foods - burgers, etc. for my meat and potatoes and pizza-loving teenager. Recs don't necessarily need to be near Reed or the airport.

However, any recs for breakfast near Reed or the airport? Don't know if any of the many recommended doughnut makers are in the vicinity of either of these locations.

Thanks in advance for your help. Never been to the great Northwest and really looking forward to it.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I also recommend Alberta Street Oyster Bar which relative to most places isn't that far from the aiport. They have a pretty good burger, too, though I'd skip the fries which aren't that great and make the dish more expensive than it should be. Skip dessert there, too.

        However, you can also try Halibut's for a cheaper option.

        2525 NE Alberta St
        (503) 808-9600

        For breakfast, I haven't been, but I've heard the Cameo Cafe on Sandy is actually good and it's quite close. I mention since I'm not sure anyone else will.

        Personally, I would go to Autentica for brunch on the weekend if you want something relatively close to the airport.

        5507 NE 30th Ave (@ Killingsworth)
        Portland, OR
        (503) 287-7555

        I can't think of too much to recommend based on your requests near Reed, either along Woodstock or in Sellwood/Westmoreland. But note that Reed and the airport are on the opposite sides of town, so if you're travelling between the two, it opens up the entire city.

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        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Here's a link to the local alterna-weekly's annual "Cheap Eats" guide. All in all, a reasonably reliable guide to the sort of place you're looking for. Searchable by neighborhood (Reed is in SouthEast), or by cuisine.

            Another possiblity for oysters is Dan & Louie's Oyster Bar.
            The restaurant is a Portland institution that's been around since the turn of the last century. It started as an outlet for the produce of Oregon Oyster Company. They still own and operate their own oyster beds in Yaquina Bay and elsewhere. A casual, blue-collar/family sort of place. Not cheap, but not expensive either. They're known for their oyster stew, as well as several varieties of oysters served live on the half-shell. I make certain to order a crab cocktail when the Dungeness are in season. You can get a good burger or steak there as well, if that's your taste.

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              It's not fashionable, but I really like Dan & Louis. The building's great, the staff's genuinely friendly and it's right downtown, thus negating the need to trek all the way out to Alberta. Oysters are always perfectly shucked, too. When I want oysters in Portland no other place is even a consideration. Not that the other places are bad -- on the contrary -- they just aren't places I feel as comfortable in as Dan & Louis.