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Sep 24, 2006 02:20 AM

Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill

Hello all, need some help please.

I would like to buy a Unicorn Magnum Plus Pepper Mill or Unicorn Magnum 6" Peppermill. I cant seem to find out where to get the this in a real store (not online)

Can anyone help? Any stores in Sunnyvale or Newark? Or downtown Palo Alto?

Oh I am not from California, which is why I am asking. Am from Asia...

Thanks in Advance for the help!


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  1. Sur La Table carries this peppermill. (Not sure of their store locations in the area, but wouldn't be surprised if there was one in Palo Alto.)

    It is excellent and worth the trouble to find one.

    1. Thank so much, will do that!

      1. Hey they do have it, no wonder my colleague was telling me to go to Summer Table! Er think she meant Sur La table. Thanks so much!