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Sep 24, 2006 02:11 AM

Madison Chef's Tour

I'd like to bring 20 people to Madison to check out food stores, culinary shops, etc. Any suggestions as to where to visit (other than Whole Foods)? Thanks!

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    1. Why would you go to a chain grocery store anyway?

      The ledgendary farmer's market. There may be some artisan food producers at the market who might offer tours of their facilities. L'Etoile, Bakery Cafe at L'Etoile, Harvest, Cocoliquot.

      1. Where are you coming from? There are some interesting ethnic markets in the favorite, Yue Wah on Park Street. Orange Tree Imports. Vanilla Bean on Odana. Certainly the farmers' market. Gail Ambrosius chocolates. Are you looking for supplies to take back home or for more of an informative/touring type of trip? Tours you might have to go a bit out for...several fine microbreweries, cheesemakers, etc.

        1. Definitely Harvest and L'Etoile, as mentioned above. Also don't miss the great Dane Bewery (lower pinckney) and the Angelic Brewpub too.