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Sep 24, 2006 12:55 AM

oh what a riot...

sandra's on a's hard to be a chowhound and not over indulge...gotta lose 10 lbs...what are the best diet recipes you have?...thanks

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  1. Pick up "The Best LIGHT Recipe" cook book from Cooks Illustrated. It's great. We have to watch our weight and we use it a lot.


    1. This sounds a little weird - but I picked up a book a while ago called "Japanese don't get fat and they don't get old". There are some great recipes in there as well as diet tips based on Japanese culture (eat rice, drink a lot of green tea and eat on pretty small plates). I am a japanophile so this all worked for me and I lost ten pounds. One of the best recipes I tried was fried tofu and seaweed cooked in dashi. I eat it with rice for lunch with green tea often and it always satisfies me.

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        Brooklynmasala how do you make the fried tofu? My daughter loves it and I don't know how to make it.

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          Actually I bought the fried tofu at my local Japanese grocery store. It is different from fresh fried tofu. For this recipe, you the simmer the fried tofu in water and then drain and blot - to get rid of the oiliness. I find there is just enought oil to coat the rice, once the dish is done.

      2. I second The Light Recipe. It is the ONLY light cookbook I would use. Tht concentrated fruit juice salad dressings are incredible.

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          tell me about the fruit juice salad dressings...can't wait till the book comes!...and thanks

        2. Cooking Light Magazine is a great resource for lighter but delicious recipes. In perusing the boards, I've discovered that many a "chowhounder" cites this magazine as being one of his/her favorites. Their website is also extremely thorough as well.

          1. When I decided to go vegan, for health, I read Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat to Live". It reads like a diet book, but I just followed the principals without worrying about losing weight. But there I was 8 pounds lighter after only 2 weeks. You eat a ton of food because you need the nutrients, so hunger isn't the issue - withdrawal from sugar and salt in processed foods is. Here's a link to some compatable recipes: