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Sep 24, 2006 12:39 AM

World Tong review

So I finally schlepped to World Tong in spite of fearing what I might find there after the departure of their dim sum chef.

I went on Friday around noon and the place was only about a quarter full. The usually scary host seemed glad to see me and was very hospitable. Because I was alone I couldn't eat that much, but I tried my best: all of my old favorites were there--the eggplant stuffed with shrimp, green sesame balls, the little round pan fried dumplings with shrimp and greens in them--and some were as good as ever, while others had somewhat gone down in quality.

Everything fried was much greasier than it had been in the past, but mostly still delicious. Dishes that I thought were still prepared to a much higher standard than other dim sum places included the shumai, the beef rice noodle roll and some small shrimp/pork/green potstickers that I don't recall ever seeing there before which were perfect, fresh and almost juicy. The fried dishes were much more disappointing because they were too heavy and greasy, although this could have been a problem of slow turnover. The sesame balls were down-right sodden with oil. :(

I would say that the quality has suffered a bit, but the basic preparation on some items (rice rolls, potstickers) is still a cut above the rest. I will definitely go back and maybe concentrate more on steamed dishes. Also, they have really good coffee.

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  1. Thanks for the report. I only made it there once before they changed chefs, so I am anxiously awaiting reports like this...

    1. I've been quite a few times, both before and after the reported chef change. I'm not completely convinced that they changed chefs. Quality has been variable -- sometimes excellent and other times good -- both before and after. The best food we had there was about three weeks ago. It was stratospheric. This Sunday it was merely very good.

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        Their primo chef definitely did leave to join Chinatown Brasserie, but that does not mean that everything changed in the kitchen - a kitchen is not just one person, a new chef can be hired, avid learners can pick up new ideas and management can have an impact too. Glad that it didnt fall apart - hope to visit again soon.

      2. Went there today. I agree with above reviews, and am happy that the place is doing fine overall.

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        1. re: BlueJay

          How crowded was it?
          Although weekdays were never the total mob scene that forms on the weekend, in my experience the place had always been moderately full all week long during prime dim sum hours.
          When I went last week I was most suprised at how much less crowded it was. There were also a lot less people getting take-out.

        2. we went last saturday, and it was generally delicious. a few of the dumplings were a bit on the greasy side and the little ones stuffed with shrimp and greens were cold, but no big deal. the tripe stew was fantastic.