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Sep 24, 2006 12:39 AM

Surprise! No question

Doing some lazy saturday cooking- smoking a brisket. I normally smoke them with indirect heat, with oak as a heat source, @ 225F till about 195 internal temp. I'm going hotter today to see what happens- about 350-400 degrees.
Thought I'd through on a salmon fillet on too since I already have the smoker going. Using a mixture of honey, brown sugar, and creole mustard for a glaze.
I LOVE lazy Saturdays!

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  1. I like your definition of lazy, my friend. I'm making some green tomato pickles. . . it's the lazy man's pickle.

    1. Thanks for the idea for the salmon fillets. I just bought some today and was wondering what to do. But no capers??

      1. Do capers go good on smoked salmon?
        They came out very nice with the glaze I used. Cooked them 8 minutes then flipped and another 7 minutes. Very moist on the inside.
        Good luck with yours!

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          I "met" you on your capers inquiry. I love capers. If you have any leftover salmon, like I did last week, you could make a salmon spread with cream cheese, flaked salmon, celery, green onion, seasonings. It is a great way to use up a small piece of leftover salmon. I didn't have any capers on hand at the time (hard to keep them around here) but if I did, I would have thrown in a few for the wonderful flavor. Your salmon sounds delish. Mine will go on the girll in about an hour and a half. Did you use any wood in your smoker? I have enough time that I could soak applewood, cherry, or mesquite. Which should I pick if I was going to cook with your marinade?

        2. Ooo that sounds good! And I do have 1 piece left- thanks, I will use the capers.
          Yes, I use oak on almost all my smokes. Every know and again I will add a piece of mesquite for brisket. I'd love to try some fruit woods but they are hard to come by in my neck of the woods here in southeast Texas.