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Sep 24, 2006 12:22 AM

Ice Cream Souffle- Please Help Take My Mom Back to Paris

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For years I thought that my mom had confused what she believed she had eaten 20 years ago in Paris for a different dish as I had never found a restaurant who could make it, nor could I find it in a google search...until this week (I saw a picture- it does exist!). Called either icecream souffle or icecream four- it is NOT baked alaska which is covered in merengue-. Rather, it appears as if icecream had been covered with either some kind of sauce or souffle like mixture and broiled...check out the picture on the website (google girl who ate everything). If I could even find a recipe I could easily make it but since I haven't found one I was hoping if anyone knows of a French restaurant that makes something like this dessert. My mom has been craving it for 20 years- please help! Thanks!

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  1. Hey I have a friend who is a bartender and I told him that I needed some type of desert for my dad’s fathers day dinner. Well he gave me something called cream soufflé. The recipe is as follows

    1 cup of fresh strawberries diced
    6 ounces cup of Tripple Sec ( Orange flavored liqueur)
    ¼ pound of sweet butter
    1/2 cup of sugar
    2 tablespoons of orange juice

    Vanilla Ice cream

    Combine 3 ounces of liqueur, sugar, and strawberries, orange juice and mix well and set aside

    To make the sauce, melt the butter in a large frying pan. When it begins to bubble, pour in 3 ounces of the liqueur. When the mixture is warm, carefully flame the liqueurs. When the fire goes out, add the strawberry sugar mixture. Then plunge the warm sauce over a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream

    I hope this helps. You don’t have to flambé this that is just optional for extra umpft. You can just combine all the ingredients together except for strawberries and ice cream. Bring that mixture to a boil and then add the strawberries. Stir for about 1 min and pour the warm sauce over the ice cream. I hope that is close to what your mom is looking for. I tired to look for the picture that you talked about in google but I could not find it.

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      Thanks for the reply! (Especially as I posted this months ago). Unfortunately this is not what my mom was looking for- this is a recipe for icecream with flambeed sauce. What my mom had resembled an actual souffle but contained icecream inside of it- strange I know, but that's why the search has so far been fruitless (until I came across that post on the Girl Who Ate Everything as she described it to a T- alas though she ate it in Paris and not NY). The search goes on:}

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        I cant find the link that your talking about. Can you give me the link so that I can read the part that you are reffering to?

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          I too wandered through the Girl Who Ate Everything website trying but failing to find any reference to ice cream souffle.

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            Maybe you could call Capsouto Freres which specializes in souffles.

      2. I think Institute of culinary education offers a course on ice cream with ice cream souffle in the course index.

        Or maybe you can contact Cafe Boulud for the special request. I know chef Remi is a genius with frozen desserts involving ice cream.


          1 qt. vanilla ice cream, softened (preferably Blue Bell homemade vanilla)
          8 almond macaroons, crumbled (Archway)
          3 tbsp. orange flavored liqueur
          1 c. heavy cream, whipped
          1/4 c. sliced toasted almonds
          1 tbsp. powdered sugar


          2 pts. fresh raspberries or 1 bag frozen raspberries
          1/3 c. sugar
          3 tbsp. orange flavored liqueur

          To softened ice cream add crumbled macaroons and stir in orange-flavored liqueur. Gently fold in whipped cream and pour into a 1-quart souffle dish. Cover with plastic wrap; freeze until firm.
          Let stand at room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Sprinkle with toasted almonds and powdered sugar. In the meantime, make the sauce.

          In a saucepan simmer the raspberries and sugar until soft but not mushy. Remove from heat and stir in orange-flavored liqueur. Place in a serving dish and spoon over souffle.


          1. Oh heres an easy to do recipe, but its not the perfected one. Im still a pastry chef in training... In a way, but heres a simple recipe, so its not the complicated one. I hope your mother likes it though.
            3/4 cup of whipping cream
            2 eggs
            3 tablespoons of sugar
            little bit of vanilla

            Ok first put ice in a bowl (lots) Then put another bowl (empty) on top of the ice. Now put in the whipping cream and sugar. and get the electric mixer and mix it.
            In another bowl separate the yolk and the whites, and mix the white until it is stiff, then put in the white in the wipcream bowl and use a spatula to stir quickly. Dont press down too much or the air will leave the egg whites. Remember to add the vanilla!! Now put the mixture in a container and freeze it for two hours. And voila Soop it out and eat quickly. It melts fast!!

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