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Sep 24, 2006 12:16 AM

Harp Lager - I thought I detected coriander. Is it brewed with it or was that the barley talking?

Loved this - tried it for the first time the other day. Second to my fave, whitbeer Hoegaarden.

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  1. no coriander in Harp to my knowledge

    1. I had a Harp a few months ago and found it pretty tasteless; Hoegaarden, on the other hand, is a decent witbier.

      1. Look on the ingredient list.

        I was drinking Blue Moon Lager the other day and it tasted distinctly of cilantro to me. Took a look, and there it was: coriander seeds (aka. cilantro seeds).

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        1. re: Pei

          Brewers are not required to list ingredients in the United States.

          You were drinking Blue Moon Belgian White, not lager.

          1. re: Jim Dorsch

            Thanks for the correction and info. Maybe a website would list ingredients even if the brewer's not required to on the bottle itself?

            1. re: Pei

              Thanks - tried that. Found nada. Aside from that it's brewed with barley.

        2. I have picked up on black currant in Harp.. Most Irish bars have a bottle on the shelf and it is sometimes requested by the locals to lace on top of a pint of Guiness. Might be a possibility, but there is something there.

          1. I can't imagine anything in Harp Lager that would give any kind of unusual flavor. Most likely age and light-struck factors make the beer a bit weird.