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Sep 23, 2006 11:42 PM

Somerset (formerly Miss Millie's) in Rockridge: opening Tuesday Sept. 26

I've been waiting for this place to open, and finally saw a sign in the window today. They open on the 26th for lunch and dinner, and presumably will be open for breakfast next weekend.

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  1. Where in Rockridge, I don't know Miss Millie's ? And what type of food? Thanks

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    1. I am so thankful you posted this. Miss Millie's was one of my favorite breakfast spots in SF when it was here and I was so sad to see it move...but I work in the East Bay. Anyhow, I had forgotten the new name, and now I know.

      They make the most fantastic English Muffins on this planet, and the staff was the most accomodating, wonderful group of people I have encountered...good luck to them!

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      1. re: Doodleboomer

        Glad to be of service, I've been waiting for it to open for months now, so I was thrilled to see the sign in the window tomorrow. I'll definitely be there for breakfast next weekend.

      2. Wow, it seems like they just moved Miss Millie's to Oakland a few months ago and now it's closed already ??? They should've stayed on 24th street.

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        1. re: NoeMan

          Miss Millie's hasn't reopened yet. When it does it's going to be called Somerset.

          1. re: Robert Lauriston

            Oh, that makes more sense. Surprised it has taken so long. I misunderstood the heading.

        2. I walked past last night on my way home. They are indeed open, and have posted a menu on the window.

          The cuisine leans towards comfort food - of the sort that took SF by storm about 3-4 years ago during the dot com bust. I was particularly distressed to see that they're serving endangered Chilean sea bass. I mean come on. This is a very progressive neighborhood! I'm uncomfortable dining there under the circumstances, but I'd like to share a piece of my mind with the chef...

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          1. re: Alba

            Are they filling the niche vacated by Red Tractor?

              1. re: Robert Lauriston

                I think chocolatetartguy might have been referring to the style, ('niche') not the exact location. I'd say not really. Red Tractor, imo, was sort of a fast food version of comfort food: if it is like the old Miss Millie's it will be more leisurely, somewhat more upscale, serve alcohol...

                1. re: susancinsf

                  Yes, I meant figurative niche. I lived in Rockridge for eight years and Red Tractor was the only place, other than the Rockridge Cafe, that filled my need for good, simple food. I especially liked the cream spinach.

            1. re: Alba

              I agree with your misgivings re: Chilean Sea Bass. Just by putting it on the menu, it reveals that the chef is uninformed. How does that translate to everything else they serve? Are their "organic & sustainable" ingredients truly organic & sustainable? Will you find bacon pieces in a "vegetarian" soup? You should really drop a suggestion (and a Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch card) with the chef. He probably has no idea that he's alienating his prospective customer base.

              1. re: foodiegrl

                Well, there might be more to this story. I was at Whole Foods last night and they had a huge banner that said "Welcome Back Chilean Sea Bass!" No idea whether Somerset is uninformed, but it could be that the chef is completely responsible and simply heard about some change before the rest of us.

                Here's the story on Whole Foods:

                1. re: wgibs

                  Wow. Then it appears I may be the one who is uninformed. Welcome back the toothfish!

                2. re: foodiegrl

                  There is no indication on Somerset's menu that they use "organic and sustainable" ingredients. If they did, the prices would be higher, the portions would be smaller and the food would taste better.

              2. I went this morning for breakfast -- had the lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry syrup, and they were excellent. The prices are a little high ($4.50 for a side of bacon?), but I enjoyed it, and it would definitely be a good place in nice weather, with the patio out back.

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                1. re: JasmineG

                  Any idea whose bacon they're using? $4.50 aint bad for Nueskes or Aidells.