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Apple Cider Vinegar

I got a bottle of this stuff today and wanted to know what to do with it? Cook, use it for salads, dressings? What about with apples?


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  1. If you catch the flu this season, or a cough...
    fill a mug half-full with hot water, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and spoonfuls of honey to taste...but, I hope you won't need this remedy.

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      I think that was perfect timing as my throat's starting to go.


    2. I keep a squirt bottle of ACV and H2O (50/50) on hand to put out flare ups on the grill.
      I find I use it in a lot of recipes.


      1. I use it for all sorts of things pickles in particular. But good for dressing too.

        1. combined with honey, some chili powder, herbs, garlic and a bit of salt, it makes an awesome marinade for pork.

          1. Makes a great salad dressing with oil, blue cheese, a little bit of garlic (and a sprinkle of paprika-- my mom's invention).

            When I make lightly pickled vegetables or a cucumber salad I use apple cider vinegar.

            Also it's great instead of wine vinegar in a potato salad.

            1. Any more tested recipe ideas?


              1. Apple Cider Vinegar is one of a few items in a very short list that i would not be without. I use it in a lot of things. Great to deglaze onions for use in soup and bean dishes. Pickling, obviously. But, it really shines in marinades as well as anything that needs an added acid tone in cooking. Here is an original recipe that makes use of it:

                Pounded Chicken Saturday

                boneless chicken breasts
                the following:


                2 cups apple cider vinegar
                3/4 cup honey
                2 tbsp sherry vinegar
                1 cup white wine
                2 tbsp corn oil
                1/4 cup tomato paste
                2 tbsp toasted ground cumin seed (very, extra important)
                2 tbsp toasted ground coriander seed (likewise)
                1 tsp black pepper
                1 tsp red pepper flakes
                2 tsp sea salt
                3 cloves garlic
                1/4 cup chopped onion
                3 tbsp dijon mustard

                pound chicken flat, place in marinade for 4 or so hours. grill over high heat for 8 or so minutes, turning once.


                or you can try this:

                Summer Squash Gratin with Roasted Sweet Pepper Pesto


                1/2 pound ORANGE or RED BELL PEPPERS
                1 tablespoon minced GARLIC
                1/4 cup PINE NUTS
                1/4 cup OLIVE OIL
                1 teaspoon SALT
                fresh ground BLACK PEPPER

                Roast and peel peppers on the grill over HIGH heat. Allow to cool, peel and puree.


                1 pound YELLOW SQUASH
                1 and 1/2 teaspoon APPLE CIDER VINEGAR
                1 teaspoon SALT
                2 tablespoons BUTTER

                Steam squash and process until smooth. Fold in remaining ingredients

                1/2 cup fresh grated PARMESAN CHEESE
                2 tablespoon BUTTER

                Put squash puree in a baking dish followed by some of the pesto then cheese, repeat. Put a little butter on top and bake at 350 for about 40 minutes

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                  Both of those sound wonderful; especially the chicken! I've lost my voice and so am passing notes in a very primadonna esque manner.


                2. Pour a bit on spinach, cooked greens. Slice onions into a saucer of it, coat with black pepper, and serve with green beans...

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                    I've done onions with balsamic, but never ACV.


                  2. You can mix it with melted butter to make a sauce for fish.

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                      You mean like sautee some minced shallots, then deglaze with ACV, and finish with cold butter?