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Sep 23, 2006 11:09 PM

Best way to reheat pizza...?

Without it turning into a rubbery mess? I know it's good cold for breakfast the next morning, but in the event I actually want it hot and gooey, what do you all recommend? If it's oven reheat, what temp? In foil? On a heatproof plate? Help. Grazie!

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    1. If you like the bottom crust to be very crispy and the top to be "gooey" you can put it in a non-stick fry pan over VERY LOW heat. Put the cover on and check it every couple of minutes til the top is melted and hot. Its better than any oven heating. The covered pan actually is a mini oven with the bottom acting as a stone. And I offer this gem of advice at no charge to you!!! :) :) :)

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      1. re: Chas

        This method works perfectly for is a 'gem of advice'!

        1. re: Chas

          I tried this method years ago & it works great!!!!

          1. re: Chas

            Have been using the non-stick pan method for years too,only w/ a non-stick square griddle,
            tented alum. foil cover,low & slow heat. Works all the time!

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              I do this, except in a cast iron skillet.

            2. I've never had success with re-heating pizza. Oven, toaster-oven, microwave, on the stove, steamed, nothing works and it ends up either too crispy, or too chewy. So, if it's come straight from the fridge, ten seconds in the microwave, just to take off the bite, and that's it. Otherwise, a cold room temp.


              1. Heartily endorse the non-stick pan or griddle method on the stove top, even without a lid. By the time the cheese is hot and gooey, the crust is so nice and crisp. I'll sometimes do this even with a fresh pie to crisp up the crust a bit.


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                  Alas, how to reheat a mascarpone/smoked salmon one...?

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                    You only have yourself to blame x

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                    Yes, get it hot, put the pizza on the skillet, cover. It will be hot and as good as new.

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                      Me too. Often I'll cook the crust darker than it came out of the oven- a bit charred. I drip a bit of water in to keep the top of the pizza moist.