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Sep 23, 2006 10:39 PM

Pizza in Uptown Whittier

Any good pizza, thin or thick crust, in Uptown Whittier?

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  1. ANY pizza in Whittier? I've been in and out of Whittier for years and have not come upon anything. There is a little joint that I have passed a few times somewhere around Comstock and Philidelphia. But I have NEVER tried the place. Maybe you?

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    1. re: nrique

      If you like thick crust-hand tossed, try Uptown pizza { old Lamppost } on
      Greenleaf. Out in East Whittier, try Barros, 1st. and La Habra. Some of the pizza places in the Whittier area, Stuft Pizza, Pizzamania, Red Devil, Lamppost are very similar to the old Barros chain so popular here in the 60's & 70's, or at least started that way. Good real ingredient pizza, not cheap. Of course I'm not talking New York or Chicago style, but more of a home grown California style. Enjoy!!!

    2. Stuft Pizza is pretty good. Their standard crust is fairly thick, but you can always request thin

      Stuft Pizza
      11104 Whittier Blvd
      Whittier, CA 90606
      562 699-1045

      1. It's not in Uptown Whittier, but Pizzamania (Telegraph/Florence) is pretty good. Now, please keep in mind that this is not earth-shattering pizza in the worldwide pizza landscape. But it's servicable pizza and by LA standards, it's above average.

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        1. re: glutton

          Pizzamania was recommended to me upon moving to Whittier. It was not good. Would never go back.

          We lived in Whittier for a year, and never found the good pizza. I firmly believe you are better off at a national chain than Pizzamania.

        2. We'd always go to Vito's. Fond memories as a kid. But I haven't been in years. As teenagers we'd always go to Ambrose for a slice and a coke. Lascari's has the best Pizza in whittier, but it's not in uptown.

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          1. re: mattyshack

            Aah Ambrose. Who can forget their HUGE slices, crushed Tomatoes and chewy crust. I also remember their sausage being very thinly sliced like pepperoni. I miss that.

          2. I had Lascari's this weekend, it was great...but yeah not in uptown. =-)

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            1. re: silvana

              I work occasionally near Lascari's but have never ate there. I see from their restuarant's large size and the number of their home-delivery vehicles that it must be popular. Can you please describe the pizza---thin or thick?---How's the sauce?---Any special toppings?

              1. re: HBfoodie

                I worked at Lascari's when it was located down the street in the early 90's. I don't live there anymore but I go back once or twice a year to say hello to John and family. The meatball pizza was always my favorite. It's a thicker crust, more than I usually like. The sauce is tangy with a slight garlic flavor.