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Sep 23, 2006 10:38 PM

La Caridad on 78th and Broadway Gone?

There are mixed messages. Notices on the door say that the restaurant is undergoing renovations and will reopen in early October. A huge "For Rent" sign tells a different story. There have been diminishing crowds there when I've walked past it. And although I was never fond of the food (haven't eaten there in at least ten years), it was a neighborhood fixture.

Any Chowhounds know what the story is?

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  1. Gone - Also gone is a so-so Monsoon a few blocks off on Amsterdam :)

    1. Not only is it no great loss, it's no loss at all except to those who wanted lots of food for relatively little money and didn't much care how it tasted. I'm afraid to even guess what's going to take over that space...

      1. la caridad went way downhill sometime after the millenium. it used to be fairly good and unique- a combination of cuban and chinese cuisine under one roof with large portions and reasonable prices. but on my last visit there in december of 2005-it was awful.. the beef chow fun and sesame chicken arrived ice-cold and had to be reheated. only good thing about our meal was the chinese beer.

        1. vegtable bean curd soup. yummy, delicious, & nutricious. I'm really sad to see this post. not vouching for all of their vast menu but there were gems.

          1. Well and truly gone, from what I understand. A friend in the know thinks they might reopen in the Bronx, but who knows?